This is What I SAW for You …

24 “But I have said unto you, Ye shall inherit their land, and I will give it unto you to possess it, a land that floweth with milk and honey: I am the Lord your God, which have separated you from other people.”

Leviticus 20:24 (KJV)

What is robbing you of PEACE today?

 Is it guilt? Is it worry? A job change? Finances? Health? Natural calamities? A certain person? Listen, through your FAITH, God reveals all things and brings peace.

Have you noticed that a lot of things in your life don’t make sense? What do you do in such situations? You trust God! Don’t try to figure life out yourself.

God’s Word is your manual for life.It contains principles for health, finance, marriage, relationships, businesses and more. Just as a car runs more smoothly when you operate it according to its design, your life will run more smoothly if you live it according to God’s design as presented in His Word.

By the grace of God, I release God’s power, God’s authority, God’s grace over your entire life and over your entire destiny. I release you from trouble, I release you from crisis. You will struggle no more, you will cry no more. Receive the Lord’s goodness in the name of Jesus.

Listen to me, your greatest weapons are your voice and your hand. If you shout the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow down. The plan of the enemy is to tie you up so you cannot walk forward. But today, I came to break any chain of the enemy, in the name of Jesus!

My beloved, DECLARE this 3 times:

My beloved, hear me, if God gives you an opportunity, make sure you serve Him. The Lord asked me to tell you, fear not what you are going through, there will always be a day after. A rainbow after the rain. A Promised Land after every Jordan. Your issues are going to become an issue of your past, Beloved. Claim it, in Jesus’ name!

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I See A Spirit of Setback

You’ve been in the spirit of setback because of what you’ve been naming it. My Beloved, you have the ability to name your circumstances, your situations and your dilemmas. It’s what you are naming it and how you are naming it that is causing your setbacks. This season, God is giving you the power to rename the situation that has been tormenting you. I want you to send me (4) things that you need to rename in your life.