School of Prophets, Ministry, and Mentorship

Enroll today to participate in an eight week course that delves into the secret knowledge of the prophetic. This is an opportunity for you to activate your prophetic gift from the comfort of your home. This online course has been prepared uniquely for those interested in increasing in the spirit of God and experiencing a new level of God’s abundance. Ready yourself for a prophetic shift.

1. How to activate and sharpen your prophetic calling and gifting
2. Understanding the difference between Word of knowledge and prophecy
3. Understanding prophetic instructions, signs and tokens, sacrifices
4. The Different Voices: Identifying the different voices, voice of GOD, voice of man, and voice of the devil
5. Understanding spiritual warfare…fasting and prayer
7. The different communication channels: Hear, feel and see
8. The Prophet and dreams: Dreams interpretation
BONUS Week  The role of the Word of GOD in the life of the Prophet

There are three course options:

School of Prophets, Ministry and Mentorship Video eCourse -$595.00
Each video teaching for each week is approximately an hour long teaching. Some weeks have more than one video teaching (ie. Pt 1 and Pt2). 

School of Prophets, Ministry and Mentorship  eWorkbook – $395.00 
This eWorkbook is more than 100 pages of prophetic knowledge and insight including weekly questions for deeper interactive with the prophetic.

School of Prophets, Ministry and Mentorship Video eCourse, eWorkbook  package – $995.00
This package includes a 1-to-1 Private Prophecy session with Prophet Daniel Amoateng (usually a separate $365 seed donation)


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God is Creating a New Life For You

Start anew and prepare yourself for a better, happier and more abundant year through this e-workbook entitled, CREATING NEW LIFE. This e-workbook provides a three-step process on how to have a renewed spirit for a greater future and favor from God’s heavenly kingdom.