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Daniel Amoateng is one of the most dynamic prophetic voices to this generation, firebrand and prolific prophetic preacher with an accurate and cutting edge prophetic mantle. He operates in a sharp word of knowledge, cutting across race and gender coupled with a rare healing and deliverance ministry. His style is radical, revolutionary, innovative and anointed.

Called at a tender age of 13, he has jealously guarded his gift with purity of heart, intense fasting and unending prayers. He is a mentor to many youths and ministers as well. He is also the author of one of the best selling Prophetic books : ”Guarding and Protecting Your Prophetic Word’.,

Daniel Amoateng is the author of the following books

  1. Exposing dream killers
  2. 500 Life Lessons & Wise Words
  3. From Impossibility to Possibility
  4. Why Was I Born?
  5. Dreams and Their Interpretation

And many more

Daniel holds a BSc degree in Civil Engineering, and also Masters degree in Construction Management (MSc) from City University, London. He is an Entrepreneur and a Philanthropist. He is the creator of Ghana’s premier smartphone Tourism App called Xploreghana App. He is the President of Daniel Amoateng Ministries and Daniel Amoateng Foundation (DANAF) that has helped orphans and victims of the EBOLA disease in Sierra Leone, Liberia many more countries.
As a Philanthropist and Humanitarian his works have been recognized and has received several awards including 2015 (Ghana UK Based Awards) GUBA AWARDS on Humanitarian in the United Kingdom.
He has been featured to speak on world humanitarianism on television when he was asked to speak in celebration of world humanitarian day on JOY News TV in Ghana.
As a motivational speaker, he gives counsel and advice to several government and political figures and have sought audiences with the Presidents and Heads of states of many countries.
He sits on the board of many organizations including Tebah Educational Initiative in the USA etc

Currently based in London, and founder of LONDON PRAYER CENTRE a fast growing ministry. He also oversees Power of Worship International Ministries.
He is a regular conference speaker who has ministered across nations like ,UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,Germany, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Republic of Ireland, Ghana, Nigeria,Sierra Leone,Liberia and many parts of Africa. He is affectionately known as the man who sees.

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  • Our vision at Daniel Amoateng Ministries is to make God’s name great. Bringing salvation to the unsaved & reaching the world for Christ to preach and teach the uncompromising word of God in it’s totality. It is our vision to be the voice and the hand that encourages people to change their lives with hope, comfort and peace.

    It is our vision to raise a people that are passionate about reaching the lost for christ, discipline them to attain to maturity.

    To equip and empower every individual with the knowledge of jesus Christ and to discover and fulfill the destiny that the Lord has planned for them. To build a ministry of integrity, excellence, and the power of God. To restore, build and strengthen families.

  • What's New

    The School of Prophets and Ministry

    Daniel Amoateng Ministries opened up the inaugural School of Prophets and Ministry in May 2016. This is an online course that will help you learn how to activate and sharpen your prophetic gifting.

    This online structure will provide you the flexibility to participate in group discussions and replay webinar videos at your convenience. Platinum and Gold level Eagle Army Partners will have FREE access to the School of Prophets and Ministry.

    If you would like to learn more about the School of Prophets and Ministry, Click Here to contact us.

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