God Knows Everything About You

“who says of Cyrus, ‘He is my shepherd,
and he shall fulfill all my purpose’;
saying of Jerusalem, ‘She shall be built,’
and of the temple, ‘Your foundation shall be laid.’”
-Isaiah 44:28 ESV


In my years of operating in the prophetic office, God has used me tremendously to work deeply with Words of Knowledge. This has helped people learn that God knows everything about them. Prophecy given in connection with a Word of Knowledge solidifies that Word.

My Beloved, at a prophetic conference in London, I remember ministering to a woman. I told her that she was being healed by God of a severe heart condition and I saw God’s angels operating on her heart and God giving her a new heart. As I came close to her and told her what I saw, she was amazed. She confirmed that she had received surgical operations twice but her condition did not improve. The doctors had told her that she only had a few months to live. As I continued to minister to her, God used me to call out two names of people connected to her who were also being healed. She confirmed that the two names I called out were her sisters’ names and that they both lived in Africa. She told me they were both ill and one of them had her hand amputated due to diabetes. This really made her believe in the healing that God was bringing her way. I later pointed out to her the secret behind their suffering. The enemy had tried to bring premature death their way because of a crisis in her paternal family. God used me to call out their father’s name and where he used to live. I described the color of a building he had built. Almost a year later, I went back to the same church and I met the same lady I ministered to in the Word of Knowledge. She is now healed and strong by the glory of God.

Listen, I am so excited for the year to come and what 2019 will bring you, beloved. God will continue to rain down favor and blessings on the lives of His children because He loves us so much. He wants us to live out our best life here on earth.

As your prophet, I am excited to share with you some of the testimonies from the people in our ministry. Beloved, there have been so many testimonies that have come from the people participating in our ministry and sowing faith seeds. We are blessed, in the name of Jesus! To God be the glory!

“Thank you Prophet Daniel. I follow your directions and now I don’t see anymore dead people in dreams thank you.” – Yvette B.

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“Praise the Lord, Prophet. The Lord has been so good to me. He has done great and mighty things in my life and I cannot tell it all. A recent one was when someone lied about me and was quarreling very much of things I didn’t do. I was so hurt and cried a lot for God to show me what was happening to me regarding my relationships. Then your message concerning my relationships came from you on the 19th of Sept about what God had revealed to you. I thank God, for that message healed my heart. I was asking God where are you when all this is happening and He used you to let me know that He is with me and sees everything. I forgave the person. May God continue using you to bless His people. Looking forward for God to do it again. Blessings!” – Eva K.

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My Beloved, I know you have your own testimony that you have experienced in your walk of faith. Step out and share it with the ministry or emailing it to This is not the last time you will share a testimony. God is always ready to bring you a miracle. Move closer to God by prayer and action, and watch as He works more miracles for your life.

Let’s continue to receive wonderful blessings from the Lord! Follow my prophetic instructions and claim your TESTIMONIES now, in Jesus’ name!

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