Prophetic Elevation

The Lord has been ministering to me about promotion and elevation. Beloved, hear me, there are many people around you that are experiencing victory and testimonies in this season and you are wondering: “What about my own?”
Don’t be jealous! You may ask, “Prophet, why? What do you mean?” There are some prophetic truths about promotion. You are supposed to be happy for your neighbor because your neighbor’s testimony becomes a reference point for your life; that because God is able to do for my neighbor, He can do for me too. This is the prophetic truth about promotion Click Here to Sow Your 2017 Expectation Seed
As a Prophet of God, I know who God is based on what I’ve been through and the same with you, you know who God is based on what you have been through. No two destinies are the same.
Get ready, the Lord is about to elevate you in the eyes of your enemies because this is the season of promotion.


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