Your Faith Shall Set You FREE!

“Submit yourselves to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”
James 4:7


When I speak of a midwife, I am not speaking of the physical midwife. I am speaking of a spiritual midwife. You see my beloved, midwives are very crucial in the early stages of one’s birth. They are the ones that tend to the mother’s needs, and for years long ago, were the ones delivering babies. This is why spiritually, a midwife is a point of contact when speaking about the formation stages of a baby.

Some people go through life living outside of God’s destiny for them because of spiritual contamination from people who connected with them during their birth.

You see, for you to be born into this world, you have to be formed through different stages. A baby’s formation continues as it grows in the mother’s womb. Unfortunately, the womb is often exposed to the enemy, who would love to divert the baby’s destiny. This happens when the mother who carries the baby in the womb has a sinful nature.

We are not perfect. We are all born into this sinful world that is why Christ came to pay the debt of our sins. Although there is sin in this world, we can chose to live a life of sin or live a life of righteousness.

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Right now, as a Prophet of God, I declare:

You have the authority to cut the enemy’s cord of destruction in your life.
You have the power of the Holy Ghost and you are covered by the blood of Jesus!
You are delivered from any attack of the devil that happened during your birth!

My beloved, the Spirit of the Lord ministered to me about declaring healing over your life from spiritual midwives with negative motives! I want you to know that no weapon fashioned against you shall ever prosper!

If you want to see God’s move in your life, act now! Spiritual Midwives are being exposed in this season. Freedom will locate you, in the name of Jesus, Amen!

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