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“And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.”
Philippians 4:19


Anytime God has an assignment for you He sends a DESTINY HELPER in the form of an ANGEL.

Last time, I released very timely prophetic instructions for Financial Breakthrough on the prayer call. Many people began to act, but the spirit of the Lord revealed to me that there are still 12 people remaining who need these prophetic instructions.

If you know you are one of them my beloved, act now! You may say that you have already sown for your prophetic instructions, but there is someone connected to you Abby that God is using you as a point of contact for.

Angels have been dispatched to your location and God is only waiting for your next move.

Click here to download Prophetic Instructions and Declarations to Activate Angel for Financial Breakthrough Now

My beloved, your TESTIMONY is waiting for you.


  • Thank you. When I first sowed my seed and listening to the message you sent, changes started to happen immediately. Its like the shift changed in my favor. I started a job that I don’t like, the pay is horrible. But a job called me that I applied 2 months ago with more pay, thank you Jesus. My youngest daughter starting to be more patient with me. My ex left me at a bad time, he came back the next day I sowed my seed. I’m very excited and waiting for another supernatural what happen next. I’m living with my brother and I can’t wait to be free. Thanks to you, I’m going to keep praying and sowing my seed. – Lakeshia J.


  • I wish to say thank you for your time in prayer for me, today I got a call from my mother in-law who for seven years down the road had put hatred in her heart, after the death of my husband (her only) son. But today oh God, my hands trembled after I saw her number calling on my phone, asking me about my children and says she wants to see them, even sent money for transport, imagine after seven good years without coming to glance on them even when they were sick. All the Glory to God, and I pray His anointing to fall more and more onto you, to deliver His children by your faithful intersection. Be blessed. – Owembabazi I.

Click here to download Prophetic Instructions and Declarations to Activate Angel for Financial Breakthrough Now

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