Wealth Has Been Stored for You

“Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands…”
Psalm 90:17


Have you ever asked yourself, “Is prosperity in my portion?”

There are times when we question ourselves, and we wonder if we are truly worthy of wealth and prosperity. We look at the impossibilities of our current situation, and our faith falters.

Sometimes, we forget how big our God is!

In this world, there are attackers of wealth and prosperity that will come and try to ruin your finances. But do not worry, beloved, for your faith in this ministry has led you to read this and be connected to my faith.

Whether you recently lost a job; looking for a promotion at your current job; looking for a new career path; looking to make more money; or praying for anything concerning your wealth – , l challenge you by the mercies of God to start making the moves that you need to make. Anything you have admired and wished for in your life, I bet, your FAITH will bring you a positive answer again. God wants to bless you so that you will be a blessing to others.

Listen, we all have our own personal prayers and things that we would like to happen in our lives. We pray for better days, we pray for better jobs, better relationships, better health and better finances. God knows all of His children and every single thing that His children want and desire. It may be hard for us to understand, but unlike man, God has no timepiece! He does things in HIS TIME, the RIGHT TIME.

My Beloved, let me declare this over your life:

I hear the Holy Spirit say that you are destined for PROSPERITY.

You will hear GOOD NEWS.

You will walk into a MIRACLES.

God will bless the WORKS of your HANDS.

You are destined for GOOD HEALTH.

You will receive PEACE OF MIND.

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As a Prophet of God, I declare and claim, whatever that was lost in your life, I take it back by force! God has given you the power to get wealth, and the anointing of prosperity to destroy every yoke of poverty, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Beloved, I want you to declare these powerful declarations:

“I declare, God will release the wealth that has been stored for me.”
“I declare, God will release the wealth that has been stored for me.”
“I declare, God will release the wealth that has been stored for me.”

My Beloved, let us walk in the light of Christ, believing that what He offers is better than all the riches of the world. When He says, ‘GO’, then go. When He says, ‘TRUST’, then trust in Him.

Whatever is taking your thoughts captive, as a prophet of God, I want to remind you that God is seeking your obedience. Get ready to see God reveal the favor you’ve been asking for, and release your PROSPERITY. Now, follow my prophetic instructions that come straight from the mind of God…

STEP 1: Click here to download Receive Wealth audio prayer now

STEP 2: Listen to audio prayer and immediately declare, “God will bless the work of my hands and I claim my Financial Favor now!”

STEP 3: Join me  on Open Heavens Zoom every Monday and Friday at 5PM EST (USA), 10PM BST (UK) and 9PM GMT (GHANA). Your attendance in the Prayer Call will signify your faith in God and your belief in His prophet.

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