This is your Secret Weapon

“…because the Lord was with Joseph and gave him success in whatever he did.”
Genesis 39:23


More than 100 beloved partners have moved by faith and received their Joseph Blessing. Anytime I minister about the Joseph Blessing, people ask me, “Prophet, what do you mean my Joseph Blessing?” Your Joseph Blessing represents your supernatural spiritual inheritance.

My Beloved, Joseph was the most loved son of Jacob. And even after all his troubles and everything he went through, the Bible says, Joseph received many blessings from God.

“The LORD was with Joseph, so he succeeded in everything he did as he served in the home of his Egyptian master.”
Genesis 39:2 NLT


There were 3 specific blessings of Joseph:

1. Joseph was blessed on a foreign land.
2. He received divine favor.
3. He became the icon and the blessing of his family. His family became blessed because of him.

In this season, as we are preparing ourselves to move into a new year, this is the time to activate your Joseph Blessing. For the beloved partners who have moved by faith to received their Joseph Blessing, God will honor you and your family.

As I have been in prayer, I want to also send you your Prophetic Prayer Mantle connected to your Joseph Blessing. For you to understand the supernatural, you must understand Prophetic Instructions, Signs and Tokens and Sacrifices. This is your secret weapon. In the next hours, believe GOD for a supernatural miracle.


Joseph’s Blessings mean that God will bless you in a new place wherever you go. As you click here to receive your Prophetic Prayer Mantle; I DECLARE, supernatural elevation and establishment is your portion. Together with your family, you will receive favor like Joseph. Your family will be blessed by God and will receive miracles like Joseph.

God bless you.

You are too anointed to be disappointed,




Prophet Daniel Amoateng
The Prophet Who Sees

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