God bless you for connecting with me and this ministry. When you come to God with a faithful heart and seek His divine grace over your relationships, you will receive RELATIONSHIP FAVOR. God has heard your prayers. He knows your need. You deserve to love and be loved. Let God tell you that you are worthy and beautiful because God is the unchanging essence of who you are.

My Beloved, God tells us that through prayer, He can speak to us and use us to work miracles for His glory. God wants you to have good relationships with your loved ones so that you can fulfill His plan for your life. He wants you to come completely surrendered and expectant to let His Holy Spirit work in and through you.

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Now, say these declarations after me:

The Lord will bless my relationships.

The Lord has committed Himself to me.

The Lord will grant me a great future with my loved ones.

The Lord will give me peace.

The Lord will fill me with His Spirit.

The Lord will connect me to the right people at the right time.

The Lord will break any negative spirit connected to my relationships.

I will fulfill my destiny according to God’s will.

I will enjoy my destiny, in the name of Jesus!


You are blessed, my Beloved. There are many ways to stay connected with me:


  1. Enroll in the School of Prophets and Ministry and experience prophetic education that will change your life.
  2. Join my inner circle, Eagle Army Partnership.
  3. If you’d like to speak with me one-on-one, schedule a Private Prophecy.
  4. Having dreams, but you don’t understand? Send them to me for Dreams and Interpretations.


If you have any questions, call Partner Care Line at 1-844-314-SEER (7337) or send an email at [email protected]. You are too anointed to be disappointed. God bless you.