• Sister Patricia Day

I would like to share my testimony of the great things that God has done. First of all, I am thankful to God for Prophet Daniel’s ministry and the word that comes forth in Jesus Name.

Well, just wanted you to know that they nominated me for a superior employee award and it was the I receive the same amount of money funds with the award. Which I will use to pay the last of my tax debt.

This is the best miracle is I have been paying large amount of taxes each year but for 2019 is the first year ever I did not have to pay back money and I even am getting a refund. Which I a blessing so I can start continue out of debt and I can give more to the Kingdom and invest and buy another house.

Senior Prophet prayed that God would amaze me and He surly has. I have worked here for 8 years and I HAVE ALWAYS HAD TO PAY BACK MONEY BUT NOT THIS YEAR.

Can somebody say praise the Lord for He is good and His mercy endure forever.

I just want to say thank you again.

God is causing a turnaround this season.

  • Marie A.

I attended prayer call and I requested prayer for peace at home and in my marriage. And just the other day my husband contacted me agreeing with me and wanting peace. I received my marriage restoration. Thank you for your prayers prophet. God bless you.

  • Anonymous

Prophet Daniel I have received good news. My son’s uncle have got him a hostel and paid his fees. I thank God. God bless you.

  • Lelien W.

I greet you in the precious name of Jesus God’s Son. I would like to express my sincere thanks for your for your prayers and encouragement. I am about to get a place to establish a business which I have always been praying for. This is a dream come true. This will be the start of a more successful life. God is good. Thanks for your encouragement and prayers. This place is situated in the heart of the city. I believed in your prophecies and I believe that with God all things are possible. Thanks.

  • Daphney M.

Prophet, I was married yesterday. That is my testimony, I got married to the man of GOD.

  • Grace M.

Good Day Prophet Daniel! First and foremost, I would like to thank God for your life. Ever since you came and contact into my life, I experienced a tremendous change. I never had peace and happiness especially in my marriage, we always fight. Me and my husband have many unresolved issues, but at least lately I see the Hands of God in this marriage and my husband somehow. He is a changed man I believe, things are not the same as it was before, I thank the Lord for Prophet Daniel who saw my tears and who is busy healing my life. Prophet, you have been a true blessing in my life, thank you for your prayers even for my family. May the good LORD bless and keep you. May He make His face to shine upon you. We all love to see you one day, we are living in South Africa but my biggest heart’s desire is to see myself being with your presence one day in London. God Bless You.

  • Kassim A.

Hi my prophet. God have used you to change my life. Since I finished my school I’m struggling with my life and things are not working good!  I’m facing different attacks, one problem after another, so I decided to leave my father’s house to go and find my life. I started working and still yet things are not working! Same business i’m doing and all my friends are making it, but my own was not working. I don’t know what to do, day and night I’m crying! So one at night after finished crying, I came online, started watching pastor’s live prayer although i’m still a Muslim at that time! I saw Prophet Daniel and started listening to him preaching every Wednesday and Friday. I subscribed to his channel, stated watching him every day on YouTube and I saw his email and I followed up with my prayer request. Ever since that time, he started praying for me and I converted to Christian. Now, my life has changed, I got a breakthrough, everything about me is changed for good, I’m here to give God all the glory. God bless you my prophet you make me believed in life.

  • Anonymous

Dear Brother Daniel, I am really grateful to the Lord for keeping in touch with your ministry. Thank you brother for constantly keeping me in your prayers. I am absolutely sure that God will grant His blessings upon us so I cling on to the LORD. Brother your words have transformed me. Thank you Brother.

  • Mabel N.

Hello Prophet, I really don’t know where to start from, you have been a blessing to me and my entire family since I joined your ministry.  Last year my sister had a problem with her leg and was admitted at the hospital for four months I informed you about it and you gave me a direction to do for her and GOD being so good she was healed and discharged. Secondly I had an issue at my work place and didn’t know my stand as in whether I was staying or going home. Again I informed you about it and you prayed with me, GOD being so good I was not part of the people that went home. Still believing in GOD I know He who has started a good work will bring it to a successful end. My life has never been same since I met you, GOD richly bless you and increase the oil upon your life. Thank you.

  • Jenny J.

God is using you. Your messages will confirm things I say. It is amazing. I know you are a real Man of God. God bless you and your ministry.

  • Nelly R.

Dear Prophet Daniel, after reading your messages and watching the video, I am a different person. I have lot of happiness in my heart. I used to be angry all the time, shouting when I talk. Since I joined your ministry, I am happy. I thank Lord Jesus for bringing you in my life. Thank you Prophet Daniel. God continue to bless you. Amen.

  • Emma B.

Prophet Daniel Amoateng, thank you so much Man of God, for this opportunity you gave me to testify. I can feel that I am going to receive the call from the work that I am looking. Thank you so much for your prayers, and the declaration of the word of God that you have been made in my life, it has made me to be strong and courageous. And I am feeling a joy instead to be worried about how I am going to do this and that. The word of God says; the joy of the Lord is my strength. Shalom Man of God.

  • Shawn M.

I thank God for blessing me with a better paying job. I just gotta thank God for hearing my cries and prayer because I know it’s better days ahead for me and my family. Thank you God for being so good to me, for being here for me and helping me thank you God.

  • Alecia H.

Thank you prophet for your anointing messages. I recalled one day you told me that my family will come out of financial burdens. It was that time that we got a huge contract and god blesses us to pay our debts and invest in our business. Thank you and GOD BLESS.

  • Margaret D.

To the Man of God, Prophet Daniel. To God be the Glory. I thank God who uses you through a prophetic word, your prophecies has lifted me and put me to higher level and know what is happening in my life. Thanks Man of God. Be Blessed.

  • Shai J.

Prophet Daniel I bless the day I started communicating with you, my family is being restored. We had a funeral yesterday, me & my cousins from 2010 we were hating each other beacause they were calling my mom a witch. To my surprise yesterday, we sitting together talking. It was nice, it was very fun! I really enjoyed but I knew it’s God work. I really thank you for your continuous prayers for not giving up on me. There’s a lot of changes in my life, I give Glory to the Lord.

  • Sharan P.

Thanks brother my so called got permanent residency in Australia we were struggling from 9 years there was no possibilities. But when I start following Jesus, this starts getting better and when I listen to your prayer, open doors, miracles happened to us. We got a call next day that says, “Congratulations!” Praise the Lord, Amen.

  • Iona M.

I have no words…. I’m blown by this prophesy…. God is indeed a true living God. I have declaring God’s word over my life and loved one’s like never before. For myself I have been standing on Joel 2:25-27 and now I receive such powerful prophecy in line to what I have been believing for. I’m amazed at how Great and powerful God is. I declare so shall it be unto me as you have declared and prophesied man of God. I bless you with the blessing of God. May the good Lord continue to show up on your behalf and keep you and your loved one in divine peace always as you continue to serve Him unceasingly. Bless you Prophet

  • Rodney M.

Prophet Daniel, I really enjoyed the “Next Level Conference” and the ability to meet with you on a one on one basis.  My family was greatly blessed and we are following your prophet directions.  Thank God for sending you. Please keep me informed of your visits to the USA so I can make arrangements to attend. Thank you always.

  • Helena J.

Thanks father for the beautiful words of life, they make me stronger, they awaken my hopes and my Faith.

  • NY Prophetic Explosion Attendee

Just awesome… God continue to bless and protect you all, in the Name of Jesus ??

  • NY Prophetic Explosion Attendee

I enjoyed everything, from the way I was greeted by the staff and the love and powerful prophetic services. The humility of the two powerful Prophets Daniel and Brian Amoateng

  • Lena R.

Hi Prophet Daniel, after I sowed my seed, GOOD NEWS came. My daughter called me and told me she got a new job. She was blessed with a job and I thank you for your prayers for me and my family. God bless you.

  • Lakeshia J. 

Thank you prophet. When I first sowed my seed and listening to the message you sent, changes started to happen immediately. It’s like the shift changed in my favor. I started a job that I don’t like and the pay is horrible. But a job called me that I applied 2 months ago with more pay, thank you Jesus. My youngest daughter started to be more patient with me. My ex left me at a bad time, and he came back the next day I sowed my seed. I’m very excited and waiting for another supernatural what will happen next. I’m living with my brother and I can’t wait to be free. Thanks to you I’m going to keep praying and sowing my seed.

  • Brittney H.

Last April 20th prayer call, I sowed a seed for Double Favor and asked favor in marriage. I followed Prophet Daniel’s instructions and then after a couple of days, I was engaged! I would like to send my heartfelt gratitude for continuously praying for me. You are a true Man of God. God bless you.

  • Michelle A.

Good morning Prophet Daniel. I just wanted to share my testimony with you. Two days ago, I woke up feeling some movement in my belly and immediately heard your voice saying, “Put you hand on your belly and repeat after me.” I put my hand on my belly and started declaring, “I am healed!” Since then my stomach is no longer bloated. I don’t feel any pain or discomfort. Friday evenings prayer call was just confirmation. Thank you for being a major blessing in my life. I thank God for your life and your gift.

  • Gcobisa S. 

Amen man of God. I see a change in my life because of your prayers.May continue pray for me because really I lost a lot in my life,but now I have faith and hope that everything i lost is coming back in Jesus name.May God give you more power to help people like me.

  • Lakendria B. 

The very same day I took a leap of faith to sow the favor seed, I received a check over double the amount of the seed I sowed. Thank God for his unmerited favor!!

  • Nozuko P. 

My Dearest, Honourable Prophet

Kindly receive my sincerest GRATITUDE for your kindness & prophetic declarations and Blessings.

I thank the Lord for coming into my family’s life & ever since I met you I’ve witnessed a lot of improvement in my health especially the skin. I’m usually a person who had beautiful, fine skin & last year I had developed dark marks on my face and I’ve tried every expensive product that promised to clear the marks but to no avail….. You came into my life and there’s a lot of improvement on my skin as the marks are lightening up now.


Thanking You so Much!!!!

  • Jem A. 

Thank you very much! I did plant my seed last night for healing.  That was my prayer request .

I came across the prophet Daniel messages in Summer 2016.  At that time, my life was dry. I felt sick in my body and I did not have a job. In November 2016, prophet Daniel gave me a word, he said after December you will work. My orientation day was December 20th, I started my job in January 2nd. Praise God I am still working.

For my health, even though I am till suffering now, the issue that I had when I met prophet Daniel does not exist anymore.
To God be the glory,
Thank you prophet Daniel
  • Vena B. 

God bless you Prophet  Daniel. You are  truly a  blessing to  us. My life has been  on a higher level since I am listening to  your  teaching.  I’m  sharing your messages to my family’s and friends.

  • Owembabazi I.

I wish to say thank you for your time in prayer for me,today I got a call from my mother in-law who for seven years down the road had put hatred in her heart, after the death of my husband (his only) son.

But today,oh God my hands trembled after swing her number calling on my phone,asking me about my children and says wants to see them,even sent money for transport, imagine after seven good years without coming to glance on them even when they were sick.

All the Glory to God,and I pray His anointing to fall more and more onto you,to deliver His children by your faithful intersection. Be blessed.

  • Lakeshia J. 

Thank u when I first sowed my seed and listening to the message you sent. Changes started to happen immediately.  Its like the shift changed in my favor. I started a job that I don’t like the pay is horrible. But a job called me that I applied 2 months ago more pay thank u Jesus. My youngest daughter starting to be more patient with me. My ex left me at a bad time he came back the next day I sowed my seed. I’m very excited and waiting for another supernatural what happen next. I’m living with my brother and I can’t wait to be free. My march freedom. Thanks to you I’m going to keep praying and sowing my seed.

  • Bernie P. 

Dear Prophet Daniel, I am appointed as the Chief Marketing officer for Gold and Silver Trading Limited. God is mightily working on me. Thank you so much for being with me when I was going through trials and tribulations. Thank you giving me the advise. See you and your family soon in Ghana.

  • Stacey Y.

Dear Prophet Daniel,

What I experienced tonight was so Powerful! Glory Be to God

Before the call, I sowed Double Portion Seed. Invoices:
Invoice ID: WC-16130
Invoice ID: WC-16174
God bless you and your Ministry Prophet Daniel! When you released the Blessings, instructions and Prophetic Word I started to breathe without difficulty! Was having difficulty for about a month and doctors couldn’t help. Thank you Jesus I receive Long life and Good Health, wealth and blessings & connect this Word to my seed of $42. I felt a warmth and a Fire right by my diaphragm. Prophet, you correctly identified and came up against attacks of the enemy in my life. Been facing alot of demonic attacks. Please pray for me as God directs, I hope for God’s time when He Will strike my enemies and their demons down permanently. May the Fire of God destroy all Evil enemies and attacks. Back to sender in Jesus Name. Powerful prayer tonight, release of 3 Blessings of Obedience!

I followed the call with the $42 Seed in line with the Prophetic Instruction.

It feels great being able to breathe again!

God Bless you Prophet Daniel!

Thanks be to God

  • Michelle A.

Good Afternoon,

I just wanted to thank Prophet Daniel, he prophesied to my brother back in November whilst visiting my church. My brother had lost his job, and now has a new job only a week after his Prophecy. God has blessed him with a new job that pays more than the one he lost and two side jobs. God is so good!!!!!

Thank you man of God.

Michelle A.

  • Anonymous

The very first day I entered the church I was with a visa refusal letter. I went to see prophet Daniel and he told me I will travel.  Every time I went to him he kept on encouraging me. By God’s Grace, I had another school within 2 months with 3x the scholarship I first had. I went to Prophet Daniel after service yesterday and told him I will be going for a visa interview today, he took my passport and said favor on it. Pastor Nii, I went today and I was granted a visa. When I think about it, I just don’t understand because I didn’t say anything sensible to the officer. We were talking like we have met before. Indeed, the God of Power of Worship has favored me today, in fact He has changed my story.

  • Anonymous 

Hello Prophet Daniel, it was great to see you today. I was really blessed. Thank you and God bless you. I have a testimony to share today. As you ministered and said some people are looking for accommodation and that it had already been sorted. I received it. After service, I went to see my oldest brother’s friend, he said to choose a lovely accommodation for rent and he will be paying for it. He also said he will be paying me monthly till I am settled and start working in Ghana. He added that I should give him a plan of what I want to do so that he will plan to support it. I give God all the gloryyyy.

  • Elizaberth M.

Good morning Great General of the Most High God. I thank God for your life and to raise you as a mouth piece of God in times such as this in my life. I really appreciate the Lord for every Word that comes from Above, to me it is enough to hear what God is saying about me.

I exalt His Holy Name and to Him alone be all the Glory general Daniel. SHALOM

  • Nova H. 

Prophet, I thank you for prayers. I’ve got a testimony yesterday. My child was hit by the taxi and they find her under the taxi but by the grace of god she was okay she came out of the car without a scar. I thank the lord for His grace upon my children. His name is so powerful. He sad in His words, “His ears is not far to hear our cry and His hands is not far to save us.” I thank you prophet of God. God has used you to fight for my battle, i’m so grateful.  AMEN.

  • Maame D. 

God bless you Prophet Daniel. I receive all your powerful words spoken about me and my family. We’re forever grateful to have you.

  • Ilse J. 

Hi Prophet Daniel,

Thank you for always being there and praying for me and my family. Praise God almighty for His mercy and grace is sufficient and enough for us everyday. Thank you.

Have a blessed day,

Kind Regards

  • Zamile M. 

I feel that safety man of God. Thank you for being there for me. You make my journey so easy. Thank you so much. I appreciated your love of God in you, you give me hope, joy everyday. God may be bless you abundantly.

  • Aloysius O. 

Thank you man of God. May God continue using you as one of his instruments. And I appreciate what you’re doing for me. Since I’ve known you, my life is  moving better than before. I don’t know how I will explain it but glory be to God.

  • Talne E. 

Dear Prophet Daniel, I already did sow the seed to reverse destruction on my family. This afternoon I did experience the angel with me and healing me. I love you dear Prophet Daniel. Thank you for your prophetic insight and word. I am awaiting breakthrough. Love Talne E. South Africa

  • Renata L.

Dear Daniel Amoateng Ministries

When I sowed today the “Uncover The Trap Faith Seed” I was amazed to read on the sowing page that the battle with suicide is over. I have been battling against suicide since 2014, and I am not at all a suicide person but in my natural state very happy and by nature not the person who thinks about suicide or who would want to commit suicide. It is even more amazing that since a couple of days I have purposed to never commit suicide. I said to myself that it is not I who is ever going to commit suicide but the devil. Suddenly I am filled with a holy wrath and eager to destroy the wicked creature that has planned my death since I was conceived, the devil. In fact, Jesus destroyed him, and that’s why he could not kill me in my mother’s womb and throughout my life, and he tried many times.
It is reassuring that the Word of the Prophet comes at a time when I have purposed to make the truth that I am seated with Christ Jesus in heavenly places a fact in this world and to the devil.

I cannot put into words how wonderfully the Holy Spirit has kept me during the probably most fierce battle of my life that is now over. I am thankful that since a couple of days I do experience the peace of heaven in my body, spirit and mind from time to time and ascend to a state which is meant to be permanent and in which the devil cannot operate because there is no fear.

Please pray that God will let me dwell and be in the geopgraphical places which are most conducive to my well being and growth and the works to do that God has given me to do.

Thank you-



  • Mabel N.

Dear Prophet Daniel,

God richly bless you for this powerful word, the word has just confirmed the difficulties I have been going through since my childhood and last night one was massive for me but the faithful GOD kept me safe.

I am so grateful to GOD for connecting me to you and your ministry. Your prayers, word and love for me as your spiritual daughter is keeping me strong on my feet every single day especially with the Kingdom work.

 I am so grateful to GOD for your life, may HE reward you endlessly.

Thank you.


  • Marlouise S.

Thank you very much for your obedience to God’s Word. Every time your spot on and makes me stand amazed at God’s Work. It’s the most difficult season in my life and you will never know how the prophesies carry me through this season. May God bless you and your family in abundance!

I will support your ministry financially as soon as I’m on my feet again.

Blessings Marlouise

  • Jem A.

Last year around this time , I was sick in my body; I did not have a job. You took the time and prophecy  over my life,  it manifested  as you predicted it. I want to say thank you. I am working and I feel better. I still have some issues regarding my health, but I know God will fix it.

I can’t plant my 218 seed today but I will soon. Thank you very much  for your help. I feel lost sometimes , but I am pretty  sure that the Lord got my back.
Thank you for everything
Love you
  • Linda N.

God bless you abundantly Prophet Daniel. This is Linda, I started my directions today, like you had instructed and I received a card from my School  that am part of the honorary honors Students in the Business Field and Management, so I have been joined to the membership and I am told, they have several Programs for us, honors Students and a Ceremony at the end of the Semester. I thank God so much and am so excited. This is just the beginning, like you said. I will attach the card and I will keep you updated on other happenings after I complete the directions. God bless you abundantly. Am so Grateful. Thank you very much.

  • Linda N.

Hi Prophet Daniel,

God bless you abundantly and bless your globally abundantly. Please Prophet this is Linda N. I want to thank you for all your divine Prophetic instructions that you have given me and directions and I am doing it and obeying it exactly how you said it and I am believing God for uncommon testimonies. Its been done before and it will be more than before.

I am also very Grateful for completing your school of the Prophets. I learnt a lot from the school of the Prophets, ministry and Mentorship.  I bless the day, the Good Lord revealed you to me. God richly bless you . You are a Perfect Mentor and Role model of who I want to become. Now, I write Bible inspirational messages and send it out on social media, like Whatsapp, Facebook inboxes and other social media Platforms. I also print out some on Papers and share it out in the neighborhood mail boxes or hand it out to People I meet out there. So I am willing to reach out more with the Gospel with whichever opportunity that can come my way as well. I also have Plans of setting up an official website to post on my Bible inspirational and motivational messages to reach out to more People with the Gospel. So I will get it done in due time by God’s grace. Also I have a huge Passion for caring for children and a divine vision for Orphanage children and street children in Ghana, just like you described my dream about seeing myself with children. So I have noted the school building Plan down and by God’s grace in the near future, it will be established. I do give charities to children a lot especially orphans and street children and some I hold Christmas Parties for the Sunday school children back home in Ghana, in my church. I also give out English reading books for village area preparatory schools for the children to enhance their English language whiles in school, since that is one of the biggest Problem in the village Preparatory Schools in Ghana. I have Plans of holding a little Party for the Sunday school children back home in Ghana in my church this December Christmas time through one of the members in the church. And I also have a label of my charity Foundation, that I would like to register soon. So I am Planning to register it soon in Ghana, when I come to Ghana, I will attach the label to my email. I will put that up on the website too, as well, when I get it set up successfully.

Thank you so much for being a great Mentor and a Great Spiritual Father to me.

God bless you abundantly.

You will hear from me soon. I wanted to show my gratitude. Thank you.

  • A. Peace

Dear sir, its my pleasure to write you and to let you know that your life and ministry has been a blessing to me. I’m from Ondo state Nigeria. I come in contact with you on YouTube and my life was never the same again. Sir, I can’t really hold myself since I come in contact with your ministry. Sir I really want you to be my mentor in life and ministry and I promised your God I will not fail you. Thanks

  • Sandra M.

Good morning thank you for the prophecy it gives me hope of better future ahead of me.It strengthens me every step of my way and helps me to make right decisions in life.

My testimonials so far since I started being in contact with you. my Judas has been exposed I stay with her right under the same roof. My other prayer request not yet answered but I strongly believe that I will testify soon .Thank you. God bless you abundantly your words really gives me strength.

  • Montembeko N.

Good morning prophet  you know ever since u start sending me  emails u open my eyes u are such a blessing in my life, u give me strength when I’m about to throw the towel ,I love u with the love of God be bless with u family, because u are blessing in my family, keep on praying for me my life is very difficult trusting God he will bless me.

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