• Linda N. , 9 September 2017 (EA Partner and SOPMM student)

Hi Prophet Daniel,

God bless you abundantly and bless your globally abundantly. Please Prophet this is Linda N. I want to thank you for all your divine Prophetic instructions that you have given me and directions and i am doing it and obeying it exactly how you said it and i am believing God for uncommon testimonies. Its been done before and it will be more than before.

I am also very Grateful for completing your school of the Prophets. I learnt a lot from the school of the Prophets, ministry and Mentorship. Attached is my certificate. I bless the day, the Good Lord revealed you to me. God richly bless you . You are a Perfect Mentor and Role model of who I want to become. Now, I write Bible inspirational messages and send it out on social media, like Whatsapp, Facebook inboxes and other social media Platforms. I also print out some on Papers and share it out in the neighborhood mail boxes or hand it out to People I meet out there. So I am willing to reach out more with the Gospel with whichever opportunity that can come my way as well. I also have Plans of setting up an official website to post on my Bible inspirational and motivational messages to reach out to more People with the Gospel. So I will get it done in due time by God’s grace. Also I have a huge Passion for caring for children and a divine vision for Orphanage children and street children in Ghana, just like you described my dream about seeing myself with children. So I have noted the school building Plan down and by God’s grace in the near future, it will be established. I do give charities to children a lot especially orphans and street children and some I hold Christmas Parties for the Sunday school children back home in Ghana, in my church St Monica’s Anglican church. I also give out English reading books for village area preparatory schools for the children to enhance their English language whiles in school, since that is one of the biggest Problem in the village Preparatory Schools in Ghana. I have Plans of holding a little Party for the Sunday school children back home in Ghana in my church, st Monica,s Anglican church this December Christmas time through one of the members in the church. And I also have a label of my charity Foundation, that i would like to register soon, which is called Bethel Charity Foundation. So I am Planning to register it soon in Ghana, when I come to Ghana, I will attach the label to my email. I will put that up on the website too, as well, when I get it set up successfully.

Thank you so much for being a great Mentor and a Great Spiritual Father to me.

God bless you abundantly.

You will hear from me soon. I wanted to show my gratitude. Thank you.




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