Supernatural Recovery Healing is Yours!

    “LORD my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me.”
    Psalms 30:2


    Healing is the process of becoming better. It is restoration, it is wholeness. We live in an imperfect world; therefore, many things need to endure the process of healing.

    My Beloved, I believe there are some areas in your life that need to be restored. Some areas that maybe you have explored in a while because the pain is too great for you to bear. As a prophet of the most high God, I encourage you to give those areas to Him. God wants you to recover. How do you expect to live a life of abundance, in Him, when you are broken and in pain? How can family, loved ones and friends enjoy who you truly are when they are only experiencing bits and pieces of you because you’re not whole?

    My Beloved, Have you seen the news lately? Two famous people committed suicide. Family and friends of those two people reported to the media that they indeed had no idea that this was something they would do. Things like this happen when people are not healed. Things like this happen when people are broken but this is not your portion in Jesus’ name. I declare your healing in the name of Jesus.

    Open your mind. Open your heart. God wants you to experience a supernatural recovery healing. Hear me, God tells us that through prayer, He can speak to us and use us to work miracles for His glory. God wants you to heal from any kind of sickness, disease, mental illness, or anything that is keeping you broken so that you can fulfill His plan for your life. Surrender to God and let the Holy Spirit do a good work in you.

    Beloved, as the new day has come, I want you to set aside even just five minutes every day this week to rest with God. Turn off your phone and get rid of any distractions. Thank Him and offer your day to Him and seek His will for your life. I guarantee that some wonderful changes will happen.

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    My Beloved, His plan is to prosper you and to give you hope and a great future! God is watching over the next step that you will take.

    Right now, I want you to shout with me and declare:

    I receive Supernatural Healing in my Body!
    I receive Supernatural Healing in my Mind!
    I receive Supernatural Healing in my Finances!
    I receive Supernatural Healing in my Career!
    I receive Supernatural Healing in my Family!
    I receive Supernatural Healing in my Home!

    Beloved, God has given us our own destinies and He doesn’t want us to be distracted and to lose focus on what lies ahead of us.

    Let us thank God for the blessing, as we continue to send Him praise and glorify His name!

    Listen my Beloved, your faithfulness brings blessings. When you sow seeds of HEALING, the harvest of RESTORATION will come your way!

    STEP 1: Click here to download Healing prophetic scroll and audio prayer now

    STEP 2: Listen to the audio prayer and immediately declare, “I receive God’s miraculous healing now for my total restoration!”

    STEP 3: Join me every Friday, for LIVE Prayer Calls at 6:00 PM EST/12 AM GMT UK. Tel. No: (712) 770-5505/+44 330-998-1214 UK; Participant Access Code: 355091#. Your attendance on the Prayer Call will signify your faith in God and your belief in His prophet.

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