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  • Lakeshia J. March 9, 2018

Thank u when I first sowed my seed and listening to the message you sent. Changes started to happen immediately.  Its like the shift changed in my favor. I started a job that I don’t like the pay is horrible. But a job called me that I applied 2 months ago more pay thank u Jesus. My youngest daughter starting to be more patient with me. My ex left me at a bad time he came back the next day I sowed my seed. I’m very excited and waiting for another supernatural what happen next. I’m living with my brother and I can’t wait to be free. My march freedom. Thanks to you I’m going to keep praying and sowing my seed.


Receive Your Inherited Blessings

There is a blessing connected to your father, but that blessing must be ACTIVATED. If you believe that its time to Receive your Inherited Blessing, send me your Father’s Name and Names of Males in your life and honor them today.