You Are Starting Fresh This Year!

“For no word from God will ever fail.”
Luke 1:37 (NIV) 

 There comes a time in your life when you meet your “River Jordan”. Crossing River Jordan is your opposition. Anytime you meet your opposition it means your Promise Land is just behind it. The sign for you to know that you are very close to your Promise Land is when you meet your River Jordan. So every time a battle becomes very tough, it’s a sign for you to know that just after the battle, the Promise Land is already waiting for you. As many of us are preparing for our next miracle in this New Year, many test and trials are taking place all around us. People are dying of unexpected illnesses, loosing their homes, being betrayed by close friends and a whole lot of things that are trying to bring confusion and depression in your life.

But the Lord said to Joshua,

 “Joshua, this time around I’m about to perform a miracle and this miracle, I don’t need you to have a road. For Moses, I used a road but for you, as you meet the river Jordan, there’s only one thing I want you to do. When you see the river, just stand on the river and the river will begin to open.”

The Bible says, “The river Jordan opened…” and when the Jordan opened the Bible says, “…and the people passed through.” But the Bible was careful to tell me, “When the Jordan opened, the Jordan became a dry land.” And that’s why I was surprised. The Jordan just opened, for me, that is already a miracle, but the Bible also told me another miracle; it became a dry land

Any time you are standing on a wet land like when it’s raining and you stand in it outside and you come inside a house, everybody will see the traces on the carpet. So the Lord says, “I’m about to bless you my people, but the blessings I’m about to bring your way, I don’t want anybody to take hold of your steps. I don’t want anybody to know the traces of what you have been through.” So it became a dry land. This means that the steps of your past cannot follow you where you are going. You are starting fresh! 

Any trouble that was confronting your life, you are about to stand in that trouble, as you stand in that trouble, that trouble is about to make way for you. The Bible say’s for Moses, he used the road, but for you this time, God is going to use a different strategy. The strategy of God is never the same.

Listen, so long as your neighbor used a strategy to make something happen, it does not mean you too can use the same strategy. The strategy is always different, you have to enter into the mind of God for you to know the strategy you are suppose to use.

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