Shout, “Thank you Lord for speaking to me in my dreams!”

And God spoke to Israel in visions of the night and said, “Jacob, Jacob.” And He said, “Here am I.”
Genesis 46:2 ESV


This thanksgiving season, things are coming into alignment for you! For too long have things been disorganized in your life and for too long has the enemy brought forth distraction after distraction to knock you off your path. Stand firm and unwavering in your faith, for it is in your faith that you will see your increase!

My Beloved, the enemy will attempt to blur your vision with lies and deceit. The delay and denial shall not be so! The setbacks and chains holding back your career, relationships, finances, and health shall not be! It is increase and prosperity that shall be for you in this season!

DECLARE this with me:

“Any evil dream, any bad dream, any negative dream right now, that is tormenting my life from the day I was born; that is tormenting my life; any evil dream, any satanic power that comes into my dreams to torment my life, I send a Fire of God on you now, now!”

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My Beloved, take a leap of faith to sow your faith seed and trust in the Lord that PEACE will overcome your life like never before! It is through moving in faith that you shall receive a Good Dreams. Angels of God shall visit you, in Jesus’ mighty name!

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STEP 2: Meditate on Genesis 46:2 and declare, “Thank you Lord for speaking with me in my dreams.”

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Activate Your Prophetic Blessings Now


Get Ready To Spring Forth

I saw you, bent over digging in the ground as though you were looking for something. Do not let the enemy trick you, to dig up what you have sown. I saw the fruit of your seed. The ground that your seed has been planted in is about to take root to spring forth your HARVEST.