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Daily Prophetic Declarations (eBook Copy)


Exposing Dream Killers (eBook Copy)


Why was I Born (eBook Copy)


Guarding and Protecting: Your Prophetic Word (eBook Copy)

Marching into Manifestation: How to Activate Your Prophetic Word eBook


12 Illustrations of a Spiritual Midwife: How to Cancel Any Attack From Birth eBook

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5 Miracles At The Resurrection eBook

24 Signs Of A Betrayer (Judas) eBook

6 Blessings for the Month of May eBook + audio

June Blessings (audio + eBook)

Who Is Your Father? (The Spiritual Benefits Of A Father) eBook

Reasons for Honoring your Father eBook

Peace in the Midst of Terror eBook

July Blessings (audio + eBook)

How to Break Free From the Spirit of Bondage eBook

August Blessings

August: Your Month of Acceleration eBook

September Blessings eBook and audio

Back To School Prophetic Prayers and Prophetic Declarations eBook

October Blessings audio prayer and eBook

November Blessings eBook and audio

2018 Prayer for Protection Faith Seed

December Blessings Faith Seed eBook

January Blessings Faith Seed eBook

The Power of A Seed eBook

The Power of Gratitude eBook

March Blessings Faith Seed eBook

May Blessings Faith Seed eBook

My Honor Faith Seed ebook

June Blessings Faith Seed eBook