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Cross My Jordan Faith Seed audio prayer, eBook and Prophetic WOW access

House of God Faith Seed $50.00


Good People in Your Life Seed

Suggested price: $32.70

SOPMM Spring Special


I am FULLY Committed Faith Seed (eBook + audio + scroll)

Suggested price: $130.18

No More Disappointments Seed (audio)

Love Seed

Desire Of My Heart Seed – $20.00

Suggested price: $20.00

Healing Seed – (Audio Attached) $20.00

Midnight Prayer and Blessings Seed (eBook + Audio Included)

Suggested price: $25.00

911 Emergency Prayers eBook

Suggested price: $91.00

July Blessings Faith Seed

New Years Mountaintop Prayer & Fasting Faith Seed

24 Hour Turnaround Faith Seed audio and eBook with Prophetic W.O.W full access

12 Illustrations of a Spiritual Midwife: How to Cancel Any Attack From Birth eBook

Suggested price: $20.00

Platinum Partner | Eagle Army Partner

$500.00 / month

Abundance Seed (eBook + audio)

Mountaintop Seed (Audio Included) – $38.00

Blessings Faith Seed (download eBook)

The School Of Prophets, Ministry and Mentorship Video eCourse


Gold Partner | Eagle Army Partner

$200.00 / month

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My Year of Elevation and Great Manifestation Faith Seed audio and eBook

January Blessings Faith Seed eBook

The Power of Gratitude eBook

House of God Faith Seed $200.00


House of God Faith Seed $100.00


Back To School Prophetic Prayers and Prophetic Declarations eBook

August: Your Month of Acceleration eBook

How to Break Free From the Spirit of Bondage eBook