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Prophetic Instructions to Receive Your Prosperity/Cancel Poverty

New You Seed – $29.29

Suggested price: $29.29

Double Favor Seed (eBook Included) $22.22

Revival Seed (Audio Included) – $52.00

Suggested price: $52.00

Platinum Partner | Eagle Army Partner

$500.00 / month

I Receive, I Conquer


Oh Lord, Bless The Works Of My Hands


Victory Seed (Audio Included) – $44.00

Peace in the Midst of Terror eBook

Anointing For Good Relationships Seed (audio)

Christmas Blessing Seed (eBooks + audio)

Favorite Month Seed eBook + audio

Angel Of Peace (audio + eBook)

Prophetic Instructions to Cancel Debts + audio

School of Prophets Midnight Hour Special – Pick 2 Courses for $99

Resurrection Power Faith Seed $133.00

24 Signs Of A Betrayer (Judas) eBook

5 Miracles At The Resurrection eBook

Prophetic Rock Seed

Dream Safety Seed (audio)

5 Names of People Who Need Love & Good Relationship Seed (audio)

First Fruit Seed (audio)

Why was I Born (eBook Copy)


Dream Interpretations

Suggested price: $132.00

Receive 1-on-1 Personal Prophecy

April Blessings Faith Seed eBook

Tokens From The Mountaintop Faith Seed

Relationship Restoration Prophetic Prayers and Declarations Series audio and eBook

The Lord’s Goodness Faith Seed anointed oil & prophetic rock

The Power of A Seed eBook