2017 Expectations

You are the Best Candidate for the Blessings of God. Let me share some prophetic secrets about life. Life is designed in such a way that blessings come through trials and different issues. There will be days when people around you will question whether you’re actually a child of God and why are you going through all these tribulations. Maybe you lost your job recently? Or, you can’t seem to catch up on bills. It always seems like you are playing catch up in life.

But as a Prophet of God, anytime you go through some of these issues, remind yourself that God is preparing you for your next dimension. Although you have the victory, your faith will always be constantly stretched.

My question now to you as you reflect on this past year, what are you believing and expecting God to do in 2017? You must set some expectations and begin to create the atmosphere prophetically to receive your miracles and blessings.  As you  Click Here to Sow Your 2017 Expectation Seed, send me 7 Things You Want to See Happen For Your Life in 2017. I will send you a prophetic declaration audio prayer and instructions concerning your 7 requests. You’ll also get 7 Blessings for You in December eBook. There are different seasons in life. But, as a Prophet of God, we are declaring 2017 to be your season. So, when your season comes, you need to be ready!




Send Me 7 Things You Want To See In 2017

Send me 7 Things You Want to See Happen For Your Life in 2017 and receive my prophetic declaration audio prayer and instructions.

How Do You Activate Your Prophetic Calling?

Activating your prophetic calling releases many blessings in your life and in the lives of others.