I Saw the Angel of Love On Its Way to Your Location Right Now

I saw in the visions of my head upon my bed, and, behold, a watcher and an holy one came down from heaven..”
Daniel 4:13

I saw the Angel of Love on its way to your location right now.

The angel was in a hurry and I asked God, “What is the reason for the speed?” The Spirit of the Lord began to minister to me that the angel is on assignment to reverse any hurt and pain from negative relationships and anoint your hands with the blessings of Godly love. I asked the Lord, “Why is the angel on assignment to release love?” The Lord began to minister to me that in this season, the enemy is working overtime to enter into the lives and destroy His people because the evil spirit of loneliness, separation and sadness is trying to take over their mind. I asked God, “How is the enemy trying to enter?” The Lord responded to me that it is through their dreams. But, because you are connected to this prophetic ministry, I, as a Prophet of God have been appointed to cancel any attack that is directed at you right now. 

I declare, that anytime you go down to bed to sleep:
  • May the angels of GOD preserve you and grant you good sleep and peace of mind concerning your relationships.
  • May you be delivered from nightmares and evil dreams from the pain of your past. 
  • If there’s any negative dreams you’ve had before, may it not happen again.
  • Any good dreams you’ve had, may it come to pass.
The Bible says, our Lord God is a consuming fire. In the days of Elijah, when the servants eye was opened he said he saw chariots and horses of fire. The chariots and horses signify the angels and they were full of fire. Fire comes to quench, fire comes to destroy, fire comes to preserve and protect. The angels of God responsible for releasing fire, may they be on assignment for your life. 
I declare:
Anything that would cause you to feel lonely, I cancel it now.
Any dream that would cause you to think you are not wanted, I cancel it now.
Any person that has neglected you and caused you pain, I reverse it back to them now.
The Angel of Love is meeting you right now. The angel is meeting you right now
Repeat this Prophetic Prayer after me:
“Father we thank you for your power, your grace and your glory. As we declare and we pray right now, I speak as a servant of God, as a Prophet of the most high, that in the name of  Jesus, may the Angels of God be dispatched. May the Angels of God be released. May the Angels of God go ahead. May the Angels of God go behind. We rebuke every devices of the evil, in the name of Jesus. Every plan of the enemy is stopped. I speak and I command, and I activate the workability of angels. The Angel of God responsible for protection. Father let the angels be on assignment. The angel of God responsible for deliverance, father God, let that particular angel be released, in the name of Jesus. The Angel of God responsible for good health and healing, that angel is activated right now. The Angel of God responsible for good news, I declare in Jesus name, that angel is activated, That angel is released in the name of Jesus.”

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