Rise Up Against Frustration Now!

“For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.”
Isaiah 41:13


Frustration can lead to a faint spirit. Frustration can be caused by workplace demotion, a breakup in a relationship, failure in school or anything that you are seeking to do or have but can’t quite attain.

That is why the spirit of the Lord spoke to me to remind you about your prayer life. You see in life, when your spirit is faint , anything can happen to you. That is how the enemy gets into your ear and your heart and begins to twist the truth.

My beloved, let me pray for you right now:

“Father, in the name of Jesus, I pray for my beloved right now. Father, give us the power, the authority to win our own battles. Any battle, disease, disappointment, death, frustration, I break it right now! God, I am praying for what You can do. I am praying for a miracle. I know the source from which it will come. I trust in You to send me a sign. Teach me dear Lord to know wonder. And, if You are willing, I am waiting, ready to receive my miracle today. Amen.”

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My beloved, when our spirit is strengthened, we are able to fulfill all our spiritual responsibilities, as well as all our daily tasks in life. Whatever project you are doing this month, whatever plans you have made, I declare that you will be strengthened in your spirit to make it all happen.

Right now as you are reading this:

I’m sending you STRENGTH in spirit.
I’m sending you TRIUMPH over your enemies.
I’m sending you RESTORATION.
I’m sending you DIVINE BLESSINGS.

Declare with me my Beloved, “I’m READY to receive these blessings NOW!”

Right now, believe that God is working behind the scenes and the windows are being opened so your life will overflow with MIRACLES! Next, I want you to follow these prophetic steps:

STEP 1: Click here to download Good News audio prophetic prayer now

STEP 2: Listen to the audio prayer and immediately declare, “God is turning my Frustrations Into Triumph, I receive Good News now!”

STEP 3: Join me every Friday, for LIVE Prayer Calls at 7:00 PM EST/12 AM GMT UK. Tel. No: 712-770-5505/+44-330-998-1214 UK; Participant Access Code: 355091#. Your attendance in the Prayer Call will signify your faith in God and your belief in His prophet.


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