Receive Your June Blessings Now!

“Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time: Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.”
1 Peter 5:6-7


It’s time to DECREE and DECLARE your month of TRIUMPH! Even if you are in the midst of frustration and confusion, focus yourself on God! The enemy likes to launch his attacks when he sees us struggling. He is fond of kicking us when we’re already down. But listen, you are not alone in your struggles. Our God can break the power of the enemy in a snap!

When we walk in faith, God reveals to us the power of His mighty hand and His eternal covenant with His people. Whatever you are going through, whatever struggles you are facing, whatever confusion is in your heart, God has the solution! He can turn all your frustrations into TRIUMPH! All things are possible for God. All things can be done in His name.

My beloved, as you lift up your frustrations to God, He is giving you BLESSINGS that will help you OVERCOME all the negative issues in your life!

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Receive the Four Blessings of June now:

1. You shall receive good news
2. Good people will locate you
3. You will walk under open heavens
4. Your loved ones and family members will be safe from troubles

My beloved, as God is giving you the Four (4) Blessings of June, I want you to do these prophetic acts right now:

STEP 1: Click here to download June Blessings eBook now

STEP 2: Write down all your heart’s desires and declare: “I’m READY to turn my frustrations into TRIUMPH now!”

STEP 3: Join me every Wednesday and Friday, for LIVE Prayer Calls at 7:00 PM EST/12 MN GMT UK. Tel. No.: 641-715-3580/+44 330-998-1214 UK; Participant Access Code: 355091#. Your attendance in the Prayer Call will signify your faith in God and your belief in His prophet. Don’t forget to bring Red Drink and Bread.


Who Is In Your SHIP?

As your Shepherd, I come to lead and bring a revelation. As we have entered into the HARVEST season, the Lord has begun to reveal to me that some people are not living in FULL PROSPERITY because the prosperity killers are amongst us. Receive prophetic directions connected to your PROSPERITY now.