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In the land of Israel, from the tribe of Benjamin, there was a young man by the name of Saul. The Bible says, he was the most handsome boy in the whole land of Israel. Not only was he the most handsome young man, the Bible says, he was the tallest.
However, this handsome young man had a bad profession. And what was the profession? He was taking care of his father’s donkey. And where do donkey’s often pasture? In the forest. That means Saul didn’t usually stay in the city. He was always in the forest. Sometimes life can put you in the wrong place. Sometimes life can keep you in a place where you don’t belong.
And the Bible says, once upon a time, one day, when he was taking care of the donkeys, one of the donkeys got missing. When the donkeys got missing, he said to himself, “Oh my God, today my father will kill me…” because the donkeys are the inheritance and the properties of their father. He searched everywhere looking for the donkey, but he couldn’t find the donkey. He became so frustrated, he said to his servant, “My servant, let’s go home.
The servant said to Saul, “In this city I heard there is a prophet. I have heard there is a man here that when he speaks, God answers. I have heard there is a man here that when you are looking for something and you go to him, he will show you where that thing is.”

I came to tell you, there is a prophet in the city. Don’t go anywhere, this is the place you are suppose to find yourself. When He speaks God will answer, when He speaks, God will give you direction, when He speaks something unusual will happen in your life. There is a Prophet here for you.

The servant said, “Let’s go to the prophets!” Then Saul said, “Okay let’s go.” While on the journey, Saul said, “I will not go.” The servant said, “Why?” Saul said, “Oh, all the stuff I had on me, all the money I had on me, all of them I exhausted. And you can’t go to a Man of God empty handed.” And the servant said, “Okay, don’t worry at all, I have some few pieces of silver in my pocket so let’s continue to go.”

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Hear me, never go to God empty handed. Never meet a man of God empty handed. The seed in your hand represents your future. The servant said, “Don’t worry at all, I will give you the silver.”

Remember, the Prophet sent by God will always give you more than the value of your seed. Your seed activates your faith. What are you dealing with today that you need a Prophet’s direction?


Click Here to Receive 15 Prayer Declarations (Blessings) From the Mountains eBook


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