Have you ever wondered why you were born on a specific day? At a specific time? To a specific family? Sometimes you may think to yourself, “I wish my birthday was on …,” or “I’m going to divorce my family because..!” You’ve thought these things before, right? If not these specific thoughts, you’ve surely inquired to God, to yourself or a close trusted friend about why certain things are the way they are in your life.

15825740_1912154415683231_478647921724611678_nHear me beloved, man was created on the sixth day in the image and likeness of God and man was given an assignment to perform, but he has to be housed in a body as a living being to perform that assignment. For you to fulfill your assignment, you’ve got to be formed in the womb of your mother. You were living in the eternity, but you have to descend onto earth to perform the duties that nobody else can perform, thus your purpose. This is where you need to celebrate your uniqueness. The uniqueness of the day you were born, and the time, and the family you were born into because all of it is part of your PURPOSE. You can never be me and I can’t be you, because we each have our individual cause or assignment to fulfill.

When God first created  man, He was not yet able to perform anything.  As the Bible says: “And there was no man to till the ground…” (Genesis  2:5).  Man was created, yes, but he was not able to till the ground, in other words, to fulfill an assignment, until he was formed.

15193553_1891088064456533_7348791141667342334_nFor a man to perform his assignment, he has to be formed first. The very fact that we have a purpose in existing lends support to our belief in God and our praise of Him in the creation of all we see. God’s work in your life is wonderful! You do not need to conform to somebody else’s image of success, but only ask God for ears to hear His delight in your creation. You are specially made and that is why we celebrate you everyday, especially on your Born Day!

Prophetically, because you are sowing in faith, I declare:

1. Overcoming the fears of failing in life.
2. Strength to take bold actions concerning your life.
3. Peace of mind connected to troubles and tests in your life.
4. Created new and free of any mistakes you have made in the past.
Powerful Testimonies:
Prophetess Michelle P. 

I was diagnosed with hybrid tumors and a cyst and went to check twice but when I came back to check and there is none. I thank God for Prophet Daniel’s prophetic words and I thank God for connecting into his ministry.

Jeffrey R.
“Hey Prophet! God has blessed my son through your obedience and gift. You prophesied over my son to be a lawyer at 20 yrs old. He is now 2 yrs old, and he’s reading, saying the Lord’s Prayer, knows colors, counting to 100, and much more. My wife and I are both teachers, But there is no way we can take credit for God’s Work. We are blown away about his understanding. This can only be God’s doing. Thank you Prophet Daniel for following God’s Will. I am fighting everyday to keep my marriage and family together. The enemy has attacked my marriage and is fighting to separate my wife and I to hinder my kids’ growth. But by the Mighty Name of Jesus, I declare his plan is destroyed! We shall prosper. We will continue to follow you and your ministry. God Bless!”

Age (Birthday) Seed

As we’ve entered the birthday month (Birthday is Feb. 2nd), and if you believe this ministry and Prophet Daniel Amoateng has blessed you or someone you know, we invite you to celebrate with him. We bless God for your life and the lives of the thousands that Prophet has been able to minister to daily. God has used him to deliver people’s lives in different nations. And today, we are celebrating by sowing your Born Day Favor Seed of your age plus a faith seed of $100 to receive a special prophetic audio from Prophet and eBook.

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