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Daily Prophetic Declarations, a devotional guide to give you power and success for your day.

Starting your day off with a winning attitude is a wonderful way to set the course and tone of the day and send out a message to heaven that you want good things to happen in your today. These prophetic declarations and decree are to energise people who so often drag themselves out of bed feeling grumpy, battered by nightmares and complaining and then wonder why their day goes completely wrong for them.

Prophetic Declaration will give you power

There is so much power in the words we speak. What we say today creates our tomorrow. If we want a healthy, successful and prosperous future, then we need to use wisdom and speak words of faith that bring positive results. Your future depends on it. You should never forget this: your world is created by your Word.

In the ” Daily Prophetic Declarations” You will understand what is it to declare prophetically?

To declare means:

• To make known formally or officially
• To state emphatically or authoritatively; affirm.
• To reveal or make manifest; show.

What Can I get out of Prophetic Declaration?

God spoke (declared) all things into existence. Since we are created in His image, He has given us the authority and the power to declare over our own lives. You might be declaring over your life without even knowing it. We remember in the book of Genesis, when God saw darkness, he didn’t even talk about it; he just declared “Let there be Light and immediately there was light…” (Genesis 1:3). Have you ever said, “I hate my life,” or “My life sucks,” or “I’m so ugly?”

These are negative declarations that will bring negative results into your life. I know you’ve been there. What you say or what you think brings what you are focusing on into your life. So, now I am bringing you positive declarations over your life.

Start your prophetic declaration today. You can live your life successfully.

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