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Relationship Restoration Prophetic Prayers and Declarations Series (audio)

SOPMM Spring Special

$395.00 $197.50

365 Days of the Lord’s Goodness

Suggested price: $365.00

I am FULLY Committed Faith Seed (eBook + audio + scroll)

Suggested price: $130.18

911 Emergency Prayers eBook + audio message

Suggested price: $91.00

Restoration Seed (Audio + eBook) – $52.22

Back to School Favor Seed (eBook + Audio Included)

Long Life Seed (Audio Included) – $48.00

Victory Seed (Audio Included) – $44.00

Angel of Love Seed (audio)

Midnight Miracle Seed (Audio Included) – $40.40

Family Seed (Audio Included) – $40.00

Mountaintop Seed (Audio Included) – $38.00

Prophetic Instructions to Cancel Spirit of the Midianites + audio

Prophetic Instructions to Cancel Debts + audio

Prophetic Instructions to Receive Your Prosperity/Cancel Poverty

Supernatural Victory Seed eBook + 2 audios

No More Disappointments Seed (audio)

Favorite Month Seed eBook + audio

Prophetic Destiny Helpers Seed

Good People in Your Life Seed

Suggested price: $32.70

Supernatural Miracle Seed (eBook + audio)

Marching Into Miracles Seed (eBook + audio)

Supernatural Peace Seed (audio)

Mary Seed (eBook + audio)

I Declare Peace Seed (audio + scroll)

Ancestral Blessings Seed (audio)

Dream Safety Seed (audio)

Long Lasting Positive Relationships Seed (audio)

Father’s Name Seed (audio + 2 eBooks)