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Good News Seed (Audio Included) – $20.00

Suggested price: $20.00

Seed of Rest (Audio Included)

Age Seed (Audio + eBook)

First Fruit Seed (audio)

Age (Birthday) Seed

Joseph Blessings (audio)

5 Names of People Who Need Love & Good Relationship Seed (audio)

Overcomer’s Seed (eBook Included) $13.80

April Blessings Seed (audio)

May Blessings Seed (audio)

Angel Prayer (audio)

Good People Seed audio

Bless My Relationships Seed (audio + eBook)

Suggested price: $17.17

End Of Year Prayers (audio)

Angel Of Peace (audio + eBook)

Relocation Seed (Audio Included) – $19.00

Deliverance Seed (Audio Included) – $20.00

Favor Seed (Audio Included) – $20.00

Victory Seed (Audio Included) – $20.00

Breakthrough Seed (eBook Included) – $20.00

How to Be Delivered From 8 Evil Cycles eBook (Bonus Reading Included)

6 Prophetic Prayers for the Month of September eBook (Bonus Reading Included)

September Blessing (eBook included)

10 Types of People You Need to Be Careful Of (eBook)

Miracle Seed (eBook Included)

Debt Cancellation Seed – $20.00 (Audio Attached)

Suggested price: $20.00

15 Prayer Declarations (Blessings) From the Mountains (eBook)

Healing Seed – (Audio Attached) $20.00

Wealth Seed (Audio Attached) – $20.00

Suggested price: $20.00

Safety Seed (Audio Attached) – $20.00

Suggested price: $20.00