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August: Your Month of Acceleration eBook

Supernatural Healing Seed (audio)

Prophetic Destiny Helpers Seed

Good People in Your Life Seed

Suggested price: $32.70

Month of Birth Seed (audio + eBook)

Freedom Seed (eBook + audio)

July Blessings (audio + eBook)

Break the Rejection Faith Seed (audio + eBook)

Who Is Your Father? (The Spiritual Benefits Of A Father) eBook

I Declare Peace Seed (audio + scroll)

Father’s Name Blessings Faith Seed (audio + eBook)

Suggested price: $27.27

June Blessings (audio + eBook)

SOPMM Spring Special

Original price was: $395.00.Current price is: $197.50.

Destiny Seed (with lecture)

Defeat is BROKEN Faith Seed (audio)

Suggested price: $28.00

I am FULLY Committed Faith Seed (eBook + audio + scroll)

Suggested price: $130.18

I’m Committed Faith Seed (audio + eBook + scroll)

Suggested price: $30.18

Bless My Relationships Seed (audio + eBook)

Suggested price: $17.17

Escape to Safety Seed (audio)

Suggested price: $27.11

6 Blessings for the Month of May eBook + audio

I Am Free Seed (audio + eBook)

Rolling Stone Seed (eBook + audio)

Father’s Name Seed (audio + 2 eBooks)

New Garment of Glory Seed (eBook + audio)

Suggested price: $27.33

24 Signs Of A Betrayer (Judas) eBook

5 Miracles At The Resurrection eBook

I Still Have My Crown Seed (audio)

Cancel Generational Curses Seed (audio)

12 Illustrations of a Spiritual Midwife: How to Cancel Any Attack From Birth eBook

Suggested price: $20.00

(Birth) Day Of The Week Seed (audio)