Your Package Has Been Shipped Express Mail!

“Then he continued, ‘Do not be afraid, Daniel. Since the first day that you set your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard, and I have come in response to them.'”
Daniel 10:12 NIV

Your package has been shipped express mail! The financial increase you’ve been praying for, time and time again. The relationship you’ve been asking God to restore all these years. The dream home you’ve taken a picture of and look at every now and then, I heard the Spirit of the Lord say that, “Your package has been shipped express mail!”

Don’t miss the delivery!

Hear me, God’s works are not limited by the limitations of our understanding. How often do we sit and wallow in our problems, complaining and fearful, trying to solve them on our own? And sort of laughing inside when people tell us that God can help us. We look at the impossibility of the task and our faith falters. But we forget how big our God is!

Today, hand over your limited faith and your short vision into the hands of Jesus. Speak out the imperfections in your faith, your fears and your temptations in the middle of trials. Are you scared to tell Jesus about your limited knowledge of Him, or are you ashamed of your lack of trust in God? Our answers will not limit the work of God. He is ready to accept it from you, so utter it to Him; Jesus will multiply all you have and call it a season of abundance. Only when we acknowledge our limitations, is God able to show us His glory. There is no room for hypocrisy in the Kingdom of God. God seeks truth in all our dealings with him. May Jesus multiply your faith, joy and peace and reveal Himself to you.

I speak prophetically that God is bringing an overflow, and anything you have wasted is about to come back to you, as the Lord says nothing should go to waste. God doesn’t want anything to be wasted. He is an economist. We have to make good and proper use of resources as God blesses us.

Declare with me 3 times:

1. No More Delay!

2. No More Delay!

3. No More Delay!

As you sow your seed, send me 3 things you are seeking for God to turn around quickly and let me lift up the concerns at my praying altar to cancel the spirit of delay from your life!

Receive Prophetic Promotion Now

Send me 3 things you are seeking for God to turn around quickly and I will lift up your concerns at my praying altar to cancel the spirit of delay from your life!

Destroy Prosperity Killers

God has been ministering to me as we move into the prophetic year of 2020. You are the best candidate for elevation. But in order for you to elevate, there are some prophetic secrets about prosperity that I've come to release unto you. Receive and follow my prophetic instructions now.