The Lord has been ministering to me to prepare you for the next level. God’s plan is for you to rise up and walk into your place of destiny! God’s miracles come in many different forms, but they all represent His unending love and mercy toward us. Whatever has been broken in the past, God can mend it!  


I know you have been so hurt, my beloved. But God wants you to let go of the hurts and trust Him in everything. Your pain matters to God. You can talk to Him about your hurts and pains. And, as you surrender yourself to God, you must stop focusing on what’s lost and start focusing yourself on what’s left. According to Isaiah 43:18, “Do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing.” God is doing new things in your life the moment you surrender everything to Him. 

I’m releasing a new eCourse about Marriage Breakthrough and Relationship and I want you to be part of it. Even if you are not married, I want you to be part of it and get clarity about RELATIONSHIPS.

I will be speaking about topics like:

  1. What is marriage and why is marriage important?
  2. Will everyone get married?
  3. How do I know if the person I am with, is the right person to be married to?
  4. How many years should courtship last for?
  5. What is the right time to get married?
  6. Can you know your spouse through vision, dreams or prophecy from someone?
  7. Can a prophet/someone give you the description of your spouse to be?
  8. What to do to prepare for marriage?
  9. Prayers and prophetic directions you are to offer to meet your GOD-given spouse
  10. What to do when you get disappointed, rejected, divorced in a relationship?
  11. How to move on after a break up or divorce?

My beloved, God is a miracle worker; and whatever has been broken, will be mended, in the name of Jesus. Register now and join me in this journey. You are too anointed to be disappointed!