March Into Your Manifestation Today

“For this very night an angel of the God to whom I belong and whom I serve stood before me.”
Acts 27:23

Get ready to rejoice! I hear the Spirit of the Lord say that you have entered into a season of great manifestation. The Lord says that from today, you will begin to dream bigger dreams than ever before. The Lord says and He will bestow upon you the things and wisdom of God so that you can manifest your wildest dreams. Let me tell you some important things about dreams.

Beloved, when you dream, you must endeavor to remember the dream once you are awake because there are two forms of powers that affect your dreams. Powers that contend against a good dream to prevent it from being realized and also powers that enforce evil dreams. You must remember that battles are being waged against us just because of the awesome paths God has mapped out for our lives and the enemy is doing all he could to subvert them. Thus, the enemy is fighting to avert the good dream from materializing and at the same time, scheming to bring to fulfillment the bad dream which will inflict pain or hardship on our lives.

But I declare as a Prophet of God, today, you are Marching into great Manifestation of your wildest dreams as you stand with me in this prophetic declaration.

You see Beloved, in the course of dreaming, our spirit man leaves our bodies, thereby making it vulnerable to attacks in the spiritual realms. Some people become sick physically after some encounters in the realms of the spirit, how much more your spirit that directly engaged in the battle? When you pray in faith, you declare spiritual the power of fire and spirit of protection over your life so that you may experience the manifestation of your good dreams. 

We should make sure we avoid sin and live to please the Lord. It is not easy to avoid sin but we should strive hard to overcome and avoid sin through the power of the Holy Spirit. Whenever He convicts us of sin, it is an act of grace meant to lead us to genuine repentance and further manifestation of His goodness for our lives. The problem is, sin opens the door for the enemy and the sense of guilt will keep him close enough to harass us. Sin weakens us. It dilutes our spiritual fervency. Ultimately, it allows the enemy to have undue access to us and all that concerns us.

The Bible says in 2 Chronicles 7:14, ‘If my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray, I will hear their prayer.’ Therefore, when we pray we increase the strength in our spirit man and gain more fire. We should not say, we cannot pray because some activities are best done by doing them. We can only become prayerful when we start praying.

March Into Your Manifestation Now!

Send in your Dreams and Visions and march into your season of manifestation now!

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