You need favor.  You need restoration.  You need breakthroughs.

The problem is that the enemy has an assignment of destruction for your life.  You feel depressed and frustrated.  Confusion and calamity seem to follow you.

But, Beloved, you are too anointed to be disappointed!

I understand the depression and agony you feel.  As a prophet, I understand the destruction and judgment the enemy plagues Believers with today.

I’ve heard a number of men and women share their stories of…

  • Receiving poor health reports
  • Having financial struggles
  • Enduring marital issues

After speaking words of favor over their lives, they feel a release from the pain and frustration these situations cause.

This is why I want you to hear prophetic teaching every week that will reveal the goodness of God so you can receive the favor and restoration you need in your life, in Jesus’s name!

3 Ways to Receive Live Prophetic Teaching Every Week

Through our Prayer Conference Call, you can join me every Wednesday and Friday and hear words of mercy, favor, grace, and goodness from the Bible.  You can declare them over your life and begin to walk in the freedom that is yours through Jesus.

Here’s What to Do:

Use Your Computer to Log In

  1. Click this link:
  2. Click “Join Online Meeting.”
  3. Listen as I give you a message of favor, restoration, and breakthrough.

Use Your Phone to Call In

  1. Dial the conference number 712-770-5505
  2. Type in the participant access code 3555091# (7PM ET).
  3. Join me as I give you a message of favor, restoration, and breakthrough.

Use the Free Conference App and Avoid Charges

  1. Download the app using the directions above.
  2. Join the call.
  3. Receive the favor, restoration, and breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

What You Can Expect

In Jesus, you have been given mercy.  In Jesus, your debts have been canceled and you can live free.  Each week, join me as I give you a word.  We will rotate through the following topics:

First Wednesday and Friday of the Month – Long Life and Family Restoration Prayer Call

Second Wednesday and Friday of the Month – Family Deliverance and Good Health Prayer Call

Third Wednesday and Friday of the Month – Dreams and Interpretation Prayer Call

Fourth Wednesday and Friday of the Month – Anointing for Success and Financial Breakthrough Prayer Call

Fifth Wednesday and Friday of the Month – Anointing for Good Relationships Prayer call

Don’t go another week without joining our live conference call for prophetic teaching and prayer.  Receive the word that is meant for you!

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