October Prophetic Prayers


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This month will be a great month for you because I am releasing the 7 Prophetic Prayers so that you can enter into the season of Harvest! Everything that God promised you, get ready to receive it now! God is bringing you Good News.
God is covering you in this hour.

Pray with me:
“Oh God, I will walk in my destiny. I will walk in my purpose always. I will walk in my purpose! In the name of Jesus, favor will surround me this month. In the name of Jesus, everything you said unto my life will come to pass. From today when I sleep, my body, my spirit, my house, my family, shall be protected! Hey devil, listen to me! You can never touch anything that belongs to me because I am graced with victory! In the middle of the night, I am covered. In the name of Jesus, I will shine. Oh God arise! AMEN!”

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RemEMBER Me, Oh Lord

Has anybody told you about the "ember" months? September begins the "ember" months and in the spiritual realm, the "ember" months are sometimes very crucial, a lot of things happen. But during these crucial months I’ve come with GOOD NEWS because of your faith and obedience. Receive your prophetic prayers now!