It’s Time To Shake Off The Snakes ..

“Therefore I want you to know that God’s salvation has been sent to the Gentiles, and they will listen!”
Acts 28: 28-29


I saw that there are some snakes around your life. For a long time, they have stood by you because there was no fire around you. But as your FIRE is being started, snakes are about to be exposed in your life.

Here me my Beloved, if you don’t start your fire, snakes will be comfortable around you.

You are asking, “Prophet Daniel, how do I start the fire?” It’s for you to increase your prayer life. It’s for you to go to church. It’s for you to fast and pray. It’s for you to read the word of God.

This year, it’s time for you to start the fire. Shout with me 7 times:

Start the fire!
Start the fire!
Start the fire!
Start the fire!
Start the fire!
Start the fire!
Start the fire!

My Beloved, every snake that has hidden behind you for a long time is getting ready to be exposed. All wrong friends and fake family members are being EXPOSED. If you don’t start your fire, snakes will be comfortable around you. Because so long as you are cold, the snake will be comfortable. Why? Snakes are cold blooded animals; they assume the temperature of the environment. If its cold, they can’t do anything. If it becomes hot, they become active.

What does this mean? This means that as God begins to bless you and your life becomes hot, snakes are being EXPOSED. Anytime God begins to bless you, snakes will begin to show up. Be ready to fight some snakes because snakes do not attack stagnant objects; they only attack objects that are moving. Anytime your life begins to make progress, that’s when snakes begin to fight your life.

What kind of snakes?

Snake of Disappointments
Snake of Frustration
Snake of Sickness
Snake of Jealousy
Snake of Depression
Snake of Unemployment
Snake of Poverty
Snake of Loneliness

I want you to step out and do your Start the Fire Seed. Why? Because by the end of this month in the year of 2019, snakes are being exposed and shaken off as you start your fire.

My Beloved, you have been cold enough. The snakes have been hiding for too long.  As a prophet of God, I declare snakes are being shaken off of you.

By the end of this month, SNAKES are being exposed because your fire is starting. I said SNAKES ARE BEING EXPOSED.

God bless you.

You are too anointed to be disappointed,




Prophet Daniel Amoateng
The Prophet Who Sees


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