I’m Committed to Breaking the Forces of Evil

“It is for the will of God to work in you so that His purpose come fulfilled.”
Philippians 2:13


Beloved, today, I come to you to speak about the importance of commitment. Commitment, by definition, is an agreement or pledge to do something in the future. Most people know what commitment is, but rarely do they put it to action.

God can call on anybody to fulfill His purpose. That is why we must invite and allow the Lord to work within us. Beloved, God is working on your behalf. Your destiny goes further because God is the one working on your behalf. God is the architect of your destiny.

Just as the Lord committed Himself to His people, so must we commit ourselves to God. We must commit ourselves to act in order to fulfill His good purpose.

When we commit ourselves to the glory of God, we will receive bountiful blessings from Him. Job Chapter 42:2 says, “God will do everything for you and no purpose of God can be thwarted.” So nothing about your destiny can be aborted or thwarted. As long as you stay committed to His Spirit, you will be in God’s favor.

For the next 14 days until our Special Breaking the Forces of Evil Prophetic Prayer Call on Halloween Day, we are preparing ourselves seriously. I will be sending you specific instructions each day and then you will meet me on our prayer call for the last instruction.

Beloved, step out in faith and let God be your shield and your protection. The devil’s forces will have no power against you. He will not be able to touch your life, your loved ones, your health, your career or your finances. Declare with me and shout, “I commit myself with My Daily Bread Faith Seed and I stand against evil wearing the full armor of God!” 

I love you. May God bless you, in Jesus’ name. You will receive the FAVOR that you have been praying for, because of your faithfulness.


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