I Speak Financial Wisdom Over Your Life!

“For He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.”
Psalms 91:11


I’m excited to declare good news over your life. God has seen you struggling over these issues, and He wants to bring you these blessings so that you can continue fulfilling your God-given destiny. As you read this, I want you to open your heart and mind and let God take over.

A lot of people encounter financial hardships because they lack the wisdom to manage their money properly. Some people do not know how to save; once they receive their paycheck, they immediately spend it all on themselves. Wisdom guides people to make wiser choices when using their money. They can either put a portion of it away for savings, or put it in investments.

My Beloved, I want you to open your mind to receive this blessing from the Lord. It doesn’t matter how much you currently have, what matters is how much you believe and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Listen, beloved, God will preserve your wealth and keep it safe. He is ordering His angels to make a shield that will protect you from the attacks of the enemy against your finances.

I want you to declare this with me:
I will receive WISDOM
I will receive OPPORTUNITIES
I will receive a SHIELD for my finances
I CANCEL any lack in my life
My ANGEL is on assignment to bring financial blessings
I will receive my FINANCIAL FAVOR
I receive God’s power and blessing to ELEVATE MY LIFE! AMEN!

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The Spirit of God is always releasing opportunities for His beloved children to become successful in their careers or businesses. By the grace of God, the Lord is ministering to me that many opportunities are coming to you as you walk in obedience. As your prophet, my Beloved, I declare:

“Financial opportunities are being released right now, in Jesus’ name! You, your spouse, your parents, your siblings, or anybody connected to you, will have a bright future because of the opportunities that will be poured out from heaven. By the power of God, I speak Financial Wisdom over your life, in the name of Jesus! Your wealth will have safety and protection, by the power and the command of God. Whatever money you don’t have, you will learn how to make it. Whatever money you have, you will learn how to use it to make more. In Jesus’ name, AMEN!”

You are favored by God to receive these blessings. God remembers you and your cries out to Him. He has seen you in your situation, and will not let you suffer any longer. God will honor you, God will establish you, God will make your finances overflow. As you follow my prophetic instructions, the Angels on Assignment for your Financial Favor is locating you right now, in Jesus’ mighty name!

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