He Is Making Everything New in Your Life

“We proclaim how great you are and tell of the wonderful things you have done.”
Psalm 75:1


Listen, as we reach the end of this year, God is bringing you blessings and He is keeping your DESTINY in the palm of His hands.

My Beloved, this is your month of blessings! The Lord is awesome and powerful and He wants you to experience His grace by opening your heart. Whatever God has promised you, be ready to receive it! As He is making everything new in your life, He surely reveals it in His perfect time.

As your prophet, I am excited to share with you some of the testimonies from the people in our ministry. Beloved, there have been so many testimonies that have come from the people participating in our ministry and sowing faith seeds. We are blessed, in the name of Jesus! To God be the glory!

“Prophet, if you remember. I told you that I am going through a very tough situation in my family. My family is on fire. My husband is not associating with me and our children anymore. Does not want to chat with us, talk with us or provide necessary care, let alone his conjugal obligations. The house has been on fire. We thought the fire was greater than hell. We have been praying and having bible sharing together with the children. Just last few weeks he started associating with the children and just yesterday we talked for the first time after a very long time. Thank you prophet for your prayers, encouraging words and anointing. God is good all the time and only His time is right. He is really always with us and gives answers at His own time. Once again thanks.” – Twambilire P.

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“He is a good God. Times when I thought all hope was lost, He showed up. I am a college student and having my work study being taken was hard for me but in the last minute God showed up in my time of need and my work study was reinstated.” – Rachel O.

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My Beloved, I know you have your own testimony that you have experienced in your walk of faith. Step out and share it with the ministry or emailing it to This is not the last time you will share a testimony. God is always ready to bring you a miracle. Move closer to God by prayer and action, and watch as He works more miracles for your life.

Let’s continue to receive wonderful blessings from the Lord! Follow my prophetic instructions and claim your TESTIMONIES now, in Jesus’ name!

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