Have You Been Fooled Before?

“…and do not give the devil a foothold.”
Ephesians 4:27 NIV


Have you ever found yourself stuck in one of life’s storms, and no matter how hard you tried, no matter what you did, it seemed to you like the storm would never end? And it appeared as if there was no possible good that could come from what you were facing?

Wherever you are at the moment, God is providing you what you need. Your suffering is never a surprise to the Lord. Hear me, nothing that you are going through is too big for our God. He knows everything you are going through. More than that, He’s orchestrating your circumstances for His glory and your benefit, according to His good will.

Don’t let the devil fool you, my Beloved. Don’t even listen to the devil’s whisper that God has left you, that God can’t help you. The devil wants to trick you because you are struggling. While God is preparing something better for your life, the devil is working as well because he doesn’t want you to succeed.

My Beloved, I see three things being reversed right now:

1. Fear of failure that is taunting your mind.
2. Sadness from a disappointment in your relationship.
3. Rejection from new employment opportunities.

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You will rise again in life, my Beloved. God wanted you to recognize your own helplessness, His sufficiency, and your dependence on Him.

As a prophet of God, I break any power that is making sure you do not find success. The doubts that you felt, the feeling of hopelessness that is making sure you do not experience success in your career—I break it, in Jesus’ name! Let your FAITH take place right now. Let God’s mercy be upon you.

My Beloved, God has favored you! Receive it, follow my prophetic instructions and proclaim His Word.

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STEP 2: Declare and shout, “I am successful!”

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