Good News is on the Way!

“And the angel of the Lord appeared unto him, and said unto
him, The Lord is with thee, thou mighty man of valour.”
Judges 6:12


As your prophet, I have come to tell you that angels not only protect and deliver people, but they also BRING GOOD NEWS. It was the angel Gabriel who was sent to Mary to tell her the good news of the Lord’s coming. It was also an angel who brought the good news to Gideon, that would later manifest in his victory over the Midianites.

My Beloved, angels are there to deliver His message and grant us knowledge of what’s to come. Just like when the angel opened the door of the jail and freed the apostles, I declare that you will be set free from the troubles that hold you and you will step into your victory!

The God you and I serve, is a Miracle Worker! He has assigned His angels to protect and preserve our lives. My beloved, the healing power of God is making its way to your household. God has not forgotten about you. Don’t focus on your past. Have faith in the present that is happening right now. The Holy Spirit said to me while I was praying this morning, “Prophet Daniel, tell my children to get ready to receive their miracles this season.”

Today, my Beloved, I break the curse over your household that has tried to disturb the prophetic word spoken over your life.

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Beloved, it is God’s desire that your family walk in good health and prosperity. What you are currently facing is not the truth of what God has planned for your life and the life of your family. As a prophet of God, declare this with me:

ANGELS on assignment, PROTECT my FAMILY!
ANGELS on assignment, OPEN THE DOOR to my VICTORY!
ANGELS on assignment, BRING me my GOOD NEWS!

As you have followed my prophetic instructions, receive your Good News, and let the angel open the door to your blessings. Once an angel has been sent towards your location, you will know of the great plan that the Lord has for your life!

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