God’s Blessings

What thoughts come into your mind the moment you wake up in the morning? Do you immediately welcome the day anticipating the challenges and frustrations that await you, or expecting amazing blessings from God? Are you thinking about God’s blessings?

Beloved, God wants to remind you today that He desires to bless you immensely and that He wants you to live your life expecting these blessings to come! He asks nothing less than for the purity of your faith in Him and your confidence in His character and promises.

Declare in faith Psalm 31:19:

“How abundant are the good things that you have stored up for those who fear you.”

Do you see what I see God’s blessings in this passage? God wants to bless you, and He has already prepared those blessings for you to receive! But in order to for us to receive and experience these blessings, we need to have the right attitude and mindset towards life.

There are two kinds of people. Some people live life with a defeatist approach. They wake up each morning already feeling that they have lost. They get consumed by their anxieties and their view of themselves that they begin believing the lie that no blessing can ever come to them because of their circumstances. These people miss out on the blessings around them or even the ones God wants to pour out on them because they are too busy looking at what they are struggling with rather than what God can give them. At the same time, there are others who live life with a victorious approach about receiving God’s blessings. Rather than being preoccupied by their own concerns and challenges, they look beyond them and go to God expecting an outpour of blessings because they have every faith that God will see them through the day.

Which group of people do you belong to? My prayer is that you will be just like the second group of people, living life victoriously expecting the blessings of God to overwhelm their lives and override their struggles. Remember this: God is our source of blessings, and He has already stored up in advance the blessings He wants to give us. Have faith and find confidence in His promises!



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