God is Sending You Your Mary

28 The angel went to her and said, “Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you.”
Luke 1:28 NIV


When Jesus Christ was at His lowest moment, suffering on the cross, Mary stood right by His side. Through all the tests in your life, you need somebody that will always stand by you. You need a Mary!

My beloved, l challenge you by the mercies of God to start making the moves that you need to make and taking risks you need to take because God is sending you your Mary.

God is sending you your Mary, your Destiny Helper, to stand by you through trials and tribulations and through times of joy and laughter. Even though your situation right now might look dreary, God will always find a way to make it better. Whenever you experience trials, I encourage you to rejoice instead of panic because you must realize that every test comes with a promotion. Before any great success or miracle, there’s discouragement or opposition. Beloved, do not worry when you see these signs. Something great is on the way. The Bible says in John 19:25, “Standing near the cross were Jesus’ mother.” Do not be afraid because your Mary will always be by your side.

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Mary, mother of Jesus, was a faithful servant of God. As the Father did with Mary, may the Lord bring you these blessings:

May the Lord cast away your fears.
May the Lord multiply your faith, joy, peace and reveal Himself to you.
May the Lord continue to cover you with His anointing and make you UNTOUCHABLE!

Your Mary is waiting for you to act now! Time is of the essence, my beloved. Don’t let this blessings pass you by.

STEP 1: Click here to download Mary Blessings audio prophetic prayer now

STEP 2: Listen to the audio prayer and immediately declare, “I am highly favored. I claim these blessings now, in the name of Jesus!”

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