GOD Is Creating a NEW LIFE For You

“May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world. Neither circumcision nor uncircumcision means anything; what counts is the new creation. Peace and mercy to all who follow this rule—to[b] the Israel of God”
Galatians 6:14-16

As you are reading this letter, and as a Prophet of God, I DECLARE over your life, GOD is creating a NEW LIFE for you! Did you hear me? I said God is creating a new life for you.

My beloved, ​a sinful life ​means you live a self-centered​,​ rather than God-centered life. “I” is at the center of sin; and when we focus on the “I”, we ignore God ​and rebel against God’s will. God wants our old life to be replaced by a new life that enables us to live before Him in righteousness​.​

Beloved, our desire becomes ​a reflection of God’s will​,​ rather than the realization of our will. This is ​BIG! It is much more than just improving our daily hobby. It is 180-degree turn to change our lives.

Listen, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that you worry a lot, and you think a lot about the possible solutions to your struggles, to your problems. But today, at this very moment, I want you to know that God is creating a new life for you. You think that it is something that will not happen, but God is at work in mysterious ways. 

Beloved, declare this three times:




Because we are saved, the life of God defines us and empowers us. The hate has been replaced by love. Conflict has been removed and peace has been added. And the loneliness is no longer a part of our lives because God creates a new life that will manifest His goodness in us. My child of God, part of the new life is renewing of the mind. You CANNOT allow the enemy to take over your mind.

Let us thank God for the blessing of a new beginning, as we continue to send Him praise and glorify His name!My beloved, your faithfulness brings blessings. Follow my prophetic instructions and DO NOT HESITATE!​ I’m releasing a Prophetic Fire to CONSUME any evil attack you are experiencing RIGHT NOW!​

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