God is canceling the torment of Generational Curses now!

However, the Lord your God would not listen to Balaam but turned the curse into a blessing for you, because the Lord your God loves you.
Deuteronomy 23:5 NIV
God is canceling the torment of Generational Curses now!
There is something called Generational Curses that began long before your birth. It’s in your family history and it started generations upon generations ago. But, just because it began long before your birth, it doesn’t mean it can’t be stopped. It doesn’t mean that you too have to bare the pain of it. You can cause the turnaround in your family and begin to cancel generational curses. 
When you look into your family, do you find premature death? Someone could just be traveling in a car and all of a sudden they are in a car accident. This doesn’t just happen to one person, it’s a constant theme throughout the family.
When you look into your family, do you find poverty? This means money comes to you, but it doesn’t stay. You are somebody who works very hard, but you have nothing to show for it. You have great ideas, great skills, great talents, great potentials, but the people who don’t even have similar potential like you are making it further in life than you.
When you look into your family, do you find sickness? Your children or your family members get sick all the time. It’s like you’re in and out of the hospital and nobody can find the solution or cause of it.
Generational curses are what have been tormenting people, frustrating people for decades. You need to be consistent in your prayers. What am I talking about? You need to be prayerful. Develop a prayer life. As a Prophet of God as you follow my instructions, I declare that God is canceling generational curses now in the name of Jesus.

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