God Asked Me to Deliver This…

“And if what was transitory came with glory, how much greater is the glory of that which lasts!”

2 Corinthians 3:11 

How are your relationships with the people you love? The people you work with? The people you live with? The people you see everyday?

There are people who are praying for a relationship that has been broken, people seeking a lifetime partner, people who are still waiting and are feeling that they already have waited too much, and people who keep seeking answers to their questions. Listen, God specializes in doing extraordinary things with ordinary people. You may think that what you’ve been waiting for will not come to pass. The pain and sleepless nights are about to change. God will do miracles in your relationships.God is a miracle-working God. And we know that God is not limited in His ways. My beloved, put your faith and your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no problem that is too big for God. I want you to open your Bible in Genesis 18:14:

“Is anything too hard for the LORD? I will return to you at the appointed time next year, and Sarah will have a son.”  

God wants you to relax and trust Him that He has the situation covered and He will answer your prayers with what’s best. Listen my child of God, when Jesus solves problems, He uses people. And through your Prophet, God used me to deliver His message to you. God wants you to release the bitterness and allow Him to heal you fully. God can really perform the miracle you’re hoping for.

Declare these my beloved,

The chain​s​ of brokenness ha​ve been ​unlocked in Jesus’ name!
The chain​s​ of brokenness ha​ve been ​unlocked in Jesus’ name!
The chain​s​ of brokenness ha​ve been ​unlocked in Jesus’ name! 

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Let us thank God for the blessing of a new beginning, as we continue to send Him praise and glorify His name!

Your faithfulness brings blessings. Follow my prophetic instructions and DO NOT HESITATE!​ 

STEP 1: Download Relationship Audio Prayer and Anointing for Good Relationships eBook

STEP 2: Join me every Friday, for LIVE Prayer Calls at 6:00 PM EST/12 AM GMT UK. Tel. No: (712) 770-5505/+44 330-998-1214 UK; Participant Access Code: 355091#. Your attendance on the Prayer Call will signify your faith in God and your belief in His prophet.

As we’ve entered my birthday month, if you believe this ministry and my purpose as a Prophet has blessed you or someone you know, I invite you to celebrate with me. I bless God for my life and the lives of thousands that I am able to minister to daily. God has used me to deliver people’s lives in different nations. And today, I’m asking you, to stand with me by sowing your Age Blessings Faith Seed and celebrate and rejoice with me.

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