“Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it.”
Proverbs 3:27

My beloved, this is the season of giving, the season of sharing. We are saved because of God’s love and kindness towards us. One of the best ways to show that you are grateful for His love is by being a more loving person yourself. You could show your gratitude for God’s love by loving back. You could become a more loving person to show gratitude to God and all the good people in your life.

I visited one of the largest maternity wards in Ghana and help not only through prayers but also financially. This is the gift that I received from God Almighty and I would like to share this blessings to you this season of giving.

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I want you to send me 5 names of people who have been good to you and share the blessings this season of giving. Remember, our God is a God of miracles! God doesn’t bless you so you can be greedy; He blesses you so that you can be generous.

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