Psalm 23 Blessings

Psalm 23 says, “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” He say’s, “Jehovah is my Shepherd.” Who is my shepherd? My shepherd is my protector, my shepherd is my guardian, my shepherd is the one that comfort me and protest me. When the shepherd is taking care of the sheep and the sheep is about to fall into the pits, the shepherd will run ahead on the sheep and take away the sheep on the pits. Now the shepherd is not me or your father, but the shepherd is the King of King’s. Our first prayer, thus because God is your shepherd, may God lead you. The importance in life is for God to lead you, if God does lead you, touch you and take you from the pits, somebody will come into your life as a friend, but if they are wicked.. the lord will lead you out all.

Tell God what’s in your heart, what you desire and what do you want most. For as a Prophet of God, I declare that today, you will receive your greatest miracle. You will receive your greatest favor in this season as you have connected with me. Because God will give you what your heart desire. Do not ask how, just have faith because nothing is bigger than our God! This Harvest and Thanksgiving season will not pass by without you enjoying the abundance you have in God. You will begin to see the miracles for your life happen in this Harvest season. God will give you what your heart’s desires.

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Get Ready To Spring Forth

I saw you, bent over digging in the ground as though you were looking for something. Do not let the enemy trick you, to dig up what you have sown. I saw the fruit of your seed. The ground that your seed has been planted in is about to take root to spring forth your HARVEST.