DOUBLE FAVOR is locating you right now!

“For he who finds me finds life And obtains favor from the LORD.”

Proverbs 8:35


We are in the month of Favor and Elevation. This means that the favor of God will be upon you. It is a month where God will manifest His favor in your life no matter what your status, your qualification or your profession. Once God’s favor locates you, no one can hold it back.

Get ready, it’s in your house! The Lord says, lift up your right hand and declare, “I RECEIVE IT! I’m receiving my blessings and my favor in advance.” Shout, “ADVANCE!”

My beloved, I saw the enemy trying to fight you, but he can not hurt you. The enemy is not happy when you are at the peak of your success. The enemy is a thief; he comes only to steal, kill and destroy. He sets evil traps to intimidate and discourage you. Listen! God is transforming your life to ensure that you will receive your VICTORY!

Most people usually give up when they experience a setback because they refuse to remember and remind themselves of the previous miracles God had brought in their lives. I love the old hymn that says, ‘When upon life’s billows you are tempest tossed … count your blessings, name them one by one, count your blessings, see what God hath done!’

My beloved, say to yourself, if God did it the last time, He will do it again because of His faithfulness. This is the time to start working on that project or taking that initiative!

Click here and download Double Favor audio prophetic prayer now

As a prophet of God, let me declare this over your life:

You will receive DOUBLE FAVOR in your FINANCES!
You will receive DOUBLE FAVOR at your EMPLOYMENT!
You will receive DOUBLE FAVOR in your PHYSICAL BODY!

By your FAITH in sowing, you will receive your blessings from God and live a life of victory. Your blessings are about to be DOUBLED in Jesus’ name! I see you rising to your NEXT LEVEL by breaking out of your shell and stepping out to do great things. Walk towards your SUCCESS, with Jesus by your side!

Listen, move quickly, right now, right now and GOD will meet you where you are!

STEP 1: Click here and download Double Favor audio prophetic prayer now

STEP 2: Listen to your Audio Prophetic prayer and immediately declare, “Lord Jesus, let Divine Favor for Double Favor locate me right now, in Jesus’ mighty name! Amen!”

STEP 3: Join me  on Open Heavens Zoom every Monday and Friday at 5PM EST (USA), 10PM BST (UK) and 9PM GMT (GHANA). Your attendance in the Prayer Call will signify your faith in God and your belief in His prophet.

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