Follow Your Shepherd

shutterstock_63102373Have you ever wondered why sometimes you need someone to lead you? The answer is: so that you don’t fall into a pit or problem. Everyone in life needs someone to direct them so that they can be at the right place at the right time. Even when a president is elected by people, during the inauguration ceremony, it takes the speaker of the house to swear him in.

The most famous recited Psalm and prayer is Psalm 23; and it starts by saying the LORD is my shepherd. The assignment of a shepherd is to direct the sheep so that they don’t get lost, they don’t fall into a trap, and so they don’t get attacked in the forest.

In my prayer closet this day, the Lord told me to let you know that He will be your shepherd. There are people and things that you must stay clear from and avoid. For example, People who always complain about themselves.

People who are always negative will never experience progress in life. If they aren’t happy for themselves, they most likely won’t be happy for you. In short, how they see themselves is how they will see you.

Remember, Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Mark 12:30-31). So, if you can’t love yourself, how can you love others? Fill in the information below and get your eBook instantly and begin to let the Shepherd give you insight about your life and those who are surrounding you.

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POWERFUL Testimonies: 

“Thank you Prophet Daniel Amoateng for the 7 Miracles/Blessings that happened at the Birth of Jesus Christ. I did not know a book coming through e-book could be so easy to download. I am from the Boomers generation. I am 61 soon will be 62 in November 16th. I am use to buying the actual hard copy. I like the e-book. I will be purchasing the dream book very soon. Just need to know how many pages is the dream book. I have to buy ink to print it out. You were on target with the prophesy you gave me. You said you saw the attack on bones, my eyesight, my stomach and my walking. You said that you will be praying for it to be reversed. Thank you. As I type this email I can feel the healing taking place in my body. I have been battling with a Herniated Disc that the doctor wants to do surgery on and put screws in my spine. I declined, I do not believe this is the avenue God wants me to take. Please keep me in prayer concerning this matter. To God I give the Glory. I know he is a healer and a miracle worker. Once again Thank you for obeying God.” – Deaconess Brenda Coleman Member of Liberty Temple FGC/ Apostle Turner and Apostle Lathan

“Thanks Prophet Daniel Amoateng for your blessings over me during my hospitalization during Prophecology; I really missed seeing you. Also a testimony from the prophetic word you first gave me concerning my son has come to pass and constantly evolving daily. Please keep him (Ladrius Graham) in your daily prayers. Also my business dealings are starting to blossom as a result of your recent prayers during my sickness. Keep my husband (Prophet Alvin Turner) and I in your constant prayers and visions. I follow your daily scopes thanks again for your continued partnership with our Arch Bishop Master Prophet Bernard Jordan. With both of you seeing and confirming G-d’s blessings my life is opening up clearly. Continued blessings, Prophetess Regina.” – Regina T.

“Our Beloved Prophet Daniel and Staff, I just wanted to let you know my praise report and I am excepting God to show up and show out on my behalf to the glory of God. I just can’t say enough of the goodness of God and His mercy. 1. Prophet Daniel you gave me prophet instructions on staying in my position until I decide to leave. Upper management wanted to move me another position. So he could put his friend in my position however it didn’t happen! To the Glory of God 2. We prayed for people that had to go to the Range and everyone has passing since then we are using the October Prophet prayers. I am so very grateful to God for you ……;Thank you …Thank you….Thank you We pray for you at our Light house chapel church here in Iraq pray for your protection for you and your staff. God Bless you!” – Eagle Army Partner Patricia D. Iraq, ME


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