Do You Know Who’s Fighting For Your Miracles?

“I know that my redeemer lives, and that in the end He will stand on the earth.”
Job 19:25 NIV


In my dream, I saw the enemy leading you towards his trap. His plan was for you to suffer greatly. Amidst the dream, God gave me a revelation: get ready to rejoice!

Listen, you will be saved from the trap of the enemy through the mercy of God. Rejoice for I hear the Spirit of the Lord say that you have entered into the month of GREAT MANIFESTATION OF MIRACLES.

The Lord says that this month, you will begin to DREAM BIG. Get ready for your success, your victory and your increase because miracles are being released in this season.

“He guided them with the cloud by day and with light from the fire all night.” Psalm 78:14 NIV

My beloved, just like God guided the Israelites when they were going to the promised land, God will do the same for you. We must do our best to avoid sin and live to please the Lord. It is not easy to avoid sin, but we should strive hard to overcome and prevent it through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Whenever we are convicted of sin, an ACT OF GRACE can lead us to genuine repentance and further manifestation of His goodness in our lives. The problem is, sin opens the door for the enemy and the sense of guilt will keep him close enough to harass us. Sin weakens us. It dilutes our spiritual fervency. Ultimately, it allows the enemy to have undue access to us and all that concerns us.

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Listen, the Angel of God is fighting for your miracles!

God created YOU to live an abundant LIFE;
God will give you JOY;
God will give you YOUR MIRACLES.

My beloved, He will not allow the enemy to steal the blessings that have already been prepared for you. God is a god of signs and wonders and various miracles; therefore, expect miracles to manifest during this season.

Your faithfulness brings blessings. Follow my prophetic instructions and DO NOT HESITATE!

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STEP 2: Drink Red Drink and immediately declare, “I still have my crown and I claim Victory!”

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